Over the years our team has turned out a lot of tips. Here are 77 of the top tips posted on our website. Some are old, some are new, but I bet every Dynamics GP user can find something useful.

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  1. How to Fix Assets and Re-Depreciate After You Have Posted to The GL
  2. Automatic Excel Report Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  3. Easily Find Records and Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  4. How to Create SmartList Builder Reports Based on SQL Views or Tables
  5. How to Create a New Fiscal Period
  6. How to Change Customer IDs (Video)
  7. How To Clean Up Page Layouts in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  8. How to Copy Home Page Settings in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 (Video)
  9. How to Fix GL if Wrong Account Type Messes Up Year End in Dynamics GP
  10. How to Customize the Microsoft Dynamics GP Toolbar (Video)
  11. How to Customize the Navigation Pane in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  12. How to Easily Generate a List of Unreconciled Bank Transactions (Video)
  13. How to Restore the Traditional Dynamics GP Menu Bar (Video)
  14. How to Simplify the Dynamics GP Home Page For New Users (Video)
  15. How to Take Screen Shots in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  16. How to View Financial Statements in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  17. Live Refreshable Excel Reports from Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  18. Professional Services Tools Library: How to Enable ‘Doc Date Verify’ (Video)
  19. Professional Services Tools Library: Receivables Transaction Unapply (Video)
  20. Setting Up A Pivot Table Using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Live Excel Feed (Video)
  21. How to Create a Dynamics GP SmartList Favorite and Reminder (Video)
  22. The Fastest Way to Build an AP Check Batch in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  23. Choose Your Role and Home Page Layout – How to Customize the Home Page Part 1 (Video)
  24. Editing Quick Links – How to Customize the Home Page Part 2 (Video)
  25. Using Reminders and Tasks – How to Customize the Home Page Part 3 (Video)
  26. Using My Reports Feature – How to Customize the Home Page Part 4 (Video)
  27. Using Navigation Lists in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  28. Using the Built-In Help Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Video)
  29. Using the Receivables Transaction Unapply Tool
  30. Adding Customer/Vendor Info to GL Transaction SmartList Favorite
  31. Assigning Function Keys to Shortcuts
  32. Cash Receipts – Finding Customer by Using Invoice Number
  33. Changes to Menu Bar in GP2013 R2
  34. Changing User Preferences for Moving Around in Great Plains
  35. Control Key for Quick Navigation
  36. Create a Pivot Table for General Ledger Data
  37. Creating Top 10 Lists in SmartList
  38. Customize Your Toolbar
  39. Delete A Table Without Losing The Data or Table Formatting
  40. Excluding Inactive Customers or Vendors from Lookup Screen
  41. Filter Unreconciled Bank Transactions using Pivot Tables and Slicers
  42. FRx Linked to an External Excel Spreadsheet
  43. Goodbye FRx: The New Way to Distribute Management Reporter Reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  44. Home Page Customization
  45. How Can CAL Clients Use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for Dynamics GP?
  46. How Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Can Access CustomerSource
  47. How to Add New Dynamics GP Users to CustomerSource
  48. How to Bring In Open AP/AR/Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  49. How To Change the Administrator For Your CustomerSource Account
  50. How to Change Your Dynamics GP Partner Of Record With Microsoft
  51. How to Find Out What Version of Microsoft Dynamics GP You Are Using
  52. How to Fix the Error “Batch is Being Edited by Another User…”
  53. How to Maintain Login and Default Company Settings Between Sessions
  54. How to Merge Customer Accounts (Video)
  55. How to Pull Data From Multiple Dynamics GP Databases into Microsoft Excel
  56. How to use Knowledge Base to Get Free GP Support
  57. Importing SmartList Builder Templates and Granting Security
  58. Navigation Pane Cleanup
  59. Opening and Closing Specific Transaction Windows for Each Fiscal Period
  60. Required & Link Fields in GP
  61. Security to “Historical Inventory Trial Balance Reports”
  62. Setting Up Custom Links
  63. SmartList Export Solutions
  64. SmartList of Unreconciled Bank Transactions (Checks, Deposits, and more)
  65. Dynamics GP Toolbar Customization
  66. Use Conditional Formatting to View Item Quantities
  67. Use Sales Batch Processing to Save Time
  68. Using Budget Template in GP (Exporting & Importing)
  69. Using Microsoft Templates
  70. Using SmartList to Create Custom Reminders
  71. Using SmartList to Find Out Who, What and When
  72. Using Dynamics GP Tasks
  73. Using the Account Rollup Inquiry Screen to Summarize GL Activity
  74. Using Reconcile to the GL
  75. Vendor Setup – Setting Multiple Default Purchase Accounts
  76. Writing Off AR Documents
  77. 1099 Tips

SalesPad Tips – Bonus

  1. Make Searching in SalesPad Easier
  2. SalesPad Customization Just Became Easier
  3. SalesPad Mobile – Access Sales, Customer and Inventory Data On The Go
  4. SalesPad Workflow, Sales Monitor and Document Splitting Explained (Video)
  5. Search Faster and View User Defined Fields in Dynamics GP with Additions GP from SalesPad
  6. Use SalesPad to Easily Save Special Notes for Each Address/Contact Record for a Customer or Vendor
  7. Best SalesPad BI Reporting Tool – SalesPad Pivot Quick Reports
  8. 10 Ways to Customize SalesPad Grids

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