Use the Custom Link Setup window to create, modify or copy custom links. You can set up custom links for customers, vendors, items, salespeople, employees, currencies, exchange rates, tracking numbers, checkbooks, and credit cards. Custom links allow you to start a new e-mail message, display a web page, open a document, or open an external program.

This will show up on any of the “Zoom” fields for the record type you select.

Step 1: Setup “Internet Information” for the Customers, Vendors, Salespeople, etc. (you will see a blue italic “i” next to the record ID.

You can enter email addresses, homepages, and more on this page. The user Defined fields allow you to link to documents and external programs. In the sample below, I created a link to the Vendor’s contract which I had saved on my local machine.

Step 2: Setup the Custom Links


Please note: This will affect all users and may not be accessible to you based on your company’s security settings. If you would like CAL to assist you in setting this up, please contact us using the information above.

Click on New to create a new link, click on Modify to Edit. Use copy to create additional links based on links already in your system. This could be helpful if you had a separate email address for the various addresses you stored for the record.

The Address Type allows you to select the various addresses associated with the record. The address field allows you to select which item off of the Internet Information window you will link to. Please note that some record types do not have the Internet Information window (example: checkbooks and banks). You can still setup custom links. They are just handle directly in this window and not in the Internet Information window.

For more information, hit “F1” on your keyboard while in the Create Modify Custom Link window.