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How to Deploy – Microsoft Dynamics GP

In the past there was only one way to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP – on a server at your location. However, now you have several choices including the traditional on-premise model, hosted model and subscription/on demand (SAAS) model. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and price points that you need to consider based on your company requirements.

Traditional On-Premise

Purchase the software and deploy at your location on your own server. You can choose to install on individual workstations or connect via a Terminal Services or Citrix connection which allows remote access.

Pros: You maintain control of your data at all times and you are not dependent on an internet connection. Usually, this option offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Cons: You are responsible for all server maintenance, backups and other IT services.  Software and hardware purchase can mean a large initial investment of funds.     

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Hosted – Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

Purchase the software and pay a monthly fee to have it run on servers at a secure data center either on a shared or dedicated server. Access it over a secure internet connection.

Pros: You own the software but you do not need to purchase or maintain hardware infrastructure.

Cons: Access is dependent on an internet connection.


Subscription – On Demand/Cloud

Pay a monthly fee to subscribe to the software and access it over a secure internet connection. In this scenario you do not own the software but if you decide you want to purchase the system later your data can easily be moved onto your own server. (You could hear this option referred to as Software as a Service, Software plus Services, cloud computing or SPLA.)

Pros: This is the easiest way to start using Dynamics GP with the smallest upfront capital expenditure. You are not responsible for any hardware purchases or maintenance.

Cons: You do not own the software. You still need to pay for software implementation services. In exchange for predictable monthly expense, in the long run you will likely pay more. Access is dependent on internet connection.


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