Acumatica ERP for distribution

Acumatica ERP for distribution

Since 1982 CAL Business Solutions has been providing ERP systems to small and mid-sized distributors.

These solutions manage supply chain and logistics activities, including warehouse management, inventory management, and order management (sales and purchase orders), and connect these operations with financials and sales.

Dynamics GP with Cavallo for Distribution

CAL Business Solutions extends the power of Dynamics GP for the distribution industry with Cavallo. Cavallo adds functionality for workflow, order entry, inventory, and sales management, and makes it easier to get information out of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It can even lower the overall cost of a Dynamics GP implementation.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Suite

Distributors can automate processes and reduce errors in purchasing, order fulfillment, inventory tracking, and customer support with distribution management software from Acumatica. It is fully integrated with Acumatica’s CRM, Manufacturing, Field Service, and Project Accounting for visibility across the entire organization.

Additional Functionality

With the wide network of add on products for distribution, you have the flexibility to choose additional functionality for eCommerce, EDI, data collection, warehouse management, compliance, lot tracking, serial tracking, landed cost, pick pack ship, 3PL integration, drop-ship management, multi-currency, barcoding,  container management, integrated shipping,  inventory planning, bill of materials, manufacturing orders, inventory control, lot control, and standard costs.

CAL clients include distributors of industrial equipment, office supplies, medical devices, furniture, sports equipment, engine parts, specialty chemicals, food and beverage and much more. Their success stories show how the right software system helped them to:

  • Increase order accuracy to 98.5%
  • Cut order entry time by 50%
  • Increase order processing by 150%
  • Generate 10x the number of quotes per week
  • Save 48 hours a month in manual processes
  • Save $150,000 a year by increasing production without adding additional staff

If you are a small or mid-sized distribution company looking for similar benefits, contact CAL Business Solutions. We can help you evaluate your current systems, business processes, and goals to determine the right solution for you.

Distribution Industry Customer Success Stories:

Frederick Block, Brick & Stone

Frederick Block, Brick & Stone is a masonry and landscape supply distributor that sells brick, stone, pavers, and all related items to contractors and homeowners.


  • Unlimited user pricing model
  • Remote access to secure cloud based system
  • Complex industry specific functionality added by CAL
  • Unlimited ways to view information

“A big deciding factor was Acumatica’s unlimited user pricing model. We knew we could grow with Acumatica, and bring everyone into the system, without any additional costs.” – Steve Slaughter, President/CEO, Frederick Block, Brick & Stone

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Lifeway Mobility
United States

Lifeway MobilityLifeway Mobility supplies a wide variety of ramps, stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, transfer aids, and bath safety solutions to individuals and businesses in multiple states.


  • Shortens time to set up new offices
  • Enables increased focus on customer service
  • Gives quick access to data to take advantage of trends
  • Zero infrastructure costs

“Lifeway Mobility is on a very strong growth trajectory. Acumatica is a competitive advantage, allowing us to do that. And we’re doing it in the Cloud, with zero IT infrastructure.” – Bryan Mullen, SVP, Shared Services at Lifeway Mobility

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Crown Maple

Dutchess County, NY

Crown Maple is on track to becoming the largest maple syrup distributor in North America and also offers education, entertainment, and retail services. They realized early on that their QuickBooks accounting software could not keep up with their growth. They wanted a robust inventory system, integration to eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets, and flexible reporting that could easily be shared with their remote management team.

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  • Manage tremendous growth
  • Cut time needed to create reports
  • View sales stats on mobile devices
  • Prove ROI on consulting services
“CAL made us more efficient and more effective, and the ROI was there. They paid for themselves. For growing companies with a tight budget, CAL is a perfect solution.” – Annette Cantilli, CFO, Crown Maple

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Innovative Medical Products
Plainville, Connecticut
Innovative Medical Products, Inc. (IMP) had outgrown the MYOB accounting software used to run their manufacturing and distribution company. MYOB had only basic functionality, was hitting the limit on the number of transactions it could effectively handle and could not produce the detailed reports needed to analyze their business. The company knew they needed a new ERP system with a strong financial and distribution focus based on Microsoft SQL Server to allow flexible reporting.

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  • Increased Order Processing by 150%
  • Workflow Streamlines the Order Process
  • Increased Order Accuracy to 98.5%
  • Online SSRS Portal Saves 3 Days and 500 Sheets of Paper Monthly
“With Dynamics GP we have increased our order processing by 150% and our order accuracy to 98.5% because of workflow, easy access to information, and barcoding.” Rich Larkin, Director of Operations
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Shelton, Connecticut
For 10 years Thor, a Connecticut based multinational distributor of specialty chemicals, had been using Microsoft Dynamics® SL (Solomon). As the business grew they faced the choice of a major upgrade or a new ERP software package.

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  • Smoothly handled 30% increase in transaction volume
  • Saved $150k a year by not adding staff
  • Increased speed and efficiency of order entry
  • Gained visibility to inventory across locations and in transit
  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM
“CAL was around not only for the initial set up, they continue to solve problems for us and come up with innovative ideas.” Bobbi-Ann Berglund, Assistant Controller
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Amax Incorporated
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Amax faced quite a challenge with finding and implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in fewer than six months. At the same time, Amax had to keep operations running, set up two new distribution centers and renegotiate a multiyear contract with one of its largest customers. The solution was found in Microsoft Dynamics GP with Cavallo, implemented by the CAL team.

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  • Rapid implementation plan due to strong project management and low learning curve
  • 360-Degree visibility from Cavallo unifies all departments for increase efficiency
  • Hosted “Cloud” deployment allows reliable global access
  • Access to real-time data means results in better customer service and competitive advantage
  • Deep view into inventory shows true cost of inventory and allows 99% fill rate
Amax IncorporatedAmax Incorporated
“Our customers were very impressed that we could implement a new ERP system in 12 weeks—and with zero interruption to our business. Part of the success was due to the experience of our partner and our project managers, but the straightforward design and structure of Microsoft Dynamics GP also played an important role.” Gary Blanchette, General Manager
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Beekley Medical
Bristol, Connecticut
Beekley Medical has trusted Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) as their core financial ERP system for more than a decade. Recently they decided to expand the capabilities to manage inventory and automate the manufacturing process. Each decision was focused on ways it could streamline processes in order to provide even higher levels of service to its customers.

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  • Simplified Dynamics GP upgrades
  • Reduced order entry time by 50%
  • Cut 6 days a month in manual processes
  • Moved to same day shipping
  • Implemented lot tracking
“Using Dynamics GP with SalesPad we have been able to streamline our process and reduce our per order time from 2.5 minutes down to 1 minute. These efficiencies mean we can serve customers faster.” Olga Glynos, Director of Finance and Technology
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Moran USA
North Haven, Connecticut
Moran USA LLC, a wholesale distribution company based North Haven, purchased Microsoft Dynamics GP but after two years it was still not functioning as promised. The Moran team was extremely frustrated and was considering scrapping the new system despite their substantial financial investment. As a last resort, Moran looked for a new Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in their local area and started working with CAL Business Solutions. Now Moran USA now has a practical ERP system they are comfortable with, that helps them run their business better, requires minimal ongoing support and lower annual fees.
Moran USA

  • Right-sized an overly complicated Dynamics GP system
  • Lowered annual maintenance costs
  • Communicated with industry experience
  • Patiently provided user training
“CAL helped us determine what we really needed and the most practical, simple way to get there and get the work done.”Jim Moran, President
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Warner Specialty Products
Cheshire, Connecticut
Warner Specialty Products had a common problem: old, outdated software and the business processes, and bottlenecks to go with them. They set out to upgrade their Macola ERP system, but get more value for their software dollar. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP with Cavallo , they have improved time-to-customer, reduced overhead costs, and obtained a level of visibility on their order process that would have been impossible otherwise. For this small distribution company, the decision to implement the Microsoft Dynamics GP with Cavallo means that they can serve their customers better now and as their business grows.
Warner Speciatly Group

  • Able to process orders 50% faster.
  • Workflow keeps quotes from falling through the cracks.
  • Quick access to information increases customer satisfaction.
  • Cavallo gives more functionality for a lower software cost than a traditional GP system.
“SalesPad allows me to keep a good handle on what is going on at my company every day. If I have a question about an order I can easily pull it up and get a full sales analysis report. Documents that used to disappear in a filing cabinet are now visible to every member of the team through every step in the process from quote to completed order.” Jack Norton, President
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Custom Bottle
Naugatuck, Connecticut
Because Custom Bottle extended their existing Microsoft Dynamics GP application to the rest of the organization using Cavallo , they increased the amount of information employees know about customers and their orders. What Custom Bottle discovered is true for most companies: when employees who wouldn’t normally use the ERP system are given access through Cavallo , it positively effects sales, deepens the relationship with customers, and adds value that positively affects the bottom line.
Custom Bottle Inc.

  • Easy to install with existing Microsoft Dynamics GP system.
  • Detailed on time delivery reports leads to increased business with existing customers.
  • Single screen access to customer and sales data including inventory available across 10 warehouses.
  • Fantastic support by the local CAL team.
“Customers want to know you are doing a good job for them. To be able to show them that we shipped 99% of their orders on time is very powerful. SalesPad gives us a better way to analyze our customer information and find ways we can increase business with them. I feel confident it is increasing our business.” Barry Lerman, President & CEO
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Genex Turbine
Manchester, Connecticut
As a growing company Genex recognized the limitations QuickBooks was putting on their business. Their new Microsoft Dynamics GP with Cavallo system gives them the tools they need to work more efficiently now, and take them to the next level of company expansion.
Genex Turbine Technologies

  • Easy to Use
  • Able to generate quotes 10x faster
  • Flexibility allows changes based on customer requests
  • Gives team insight into each step in the sales process
“SalesPad helps us minimize the amount of work we have to do to keep quotes rolling out of here. I can confidently say that I can generate 10 times more quotes in a week using Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad than I used to do in QuickBooks.” Brandon Hall, President
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Kloter Farms
Ellington, Connecticut
Kloter Farms sought a revamped IT infrastructure that would allow the family owned company to realize its vision of improved management information, streamlined business processes and reduced costs. Kloter Farms called on CAL Business Solutions Inc. to help improve operations by implementing a Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system and pulling together the resources to integrate several disparate systems including a GoldMine front office system. As a result of CAL’s work, Kloter Farms is realizing its technology vision, has steadily increased its sales and is poised for continued growth.
Kloter Farms

  • Connected system eliminates tedious paperwork and double entry
  • Essential data available instantly when it’s needed
  • Reduced IT costs by simplifying maintenance
“We have steadily increased our business since using the Microsoft Dynamics GP system, and we’ve radically cut down on the amount of time we spent doing it.”  Jason Kloter, President
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If you are a distribution company that is evaluating new software, contact CAL Business Solutions to determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right ERP system for your needs.