Moran USA LLC  a Connecticut Distribution Company Determines That the Right ERP Partner is as Important as the Right ERP Software


Customer: Moran USA LLC
Location: North Haven, CT
Industry: Wholesale Distribution
                Moran USA

Customer Profile

Moran USA is a wholesale distributor of accessories, packaging and store supplies to wine, liquor and beer retailers.

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CAL helped us determine what we really needed and the most practical, simple way to get there and get the work done. Jim Moran, President

The Challenge

Moran USA LLC, a wholesale distribution company based in North Haven, Connecticut, needed to replace an outdated DOS based system that had limited functionality and was not able to grow with their business, especially with the company’s increased focus on ecommerce.  Moran was impressed with the deep functionality, dashboards, and advanced features shown in demos of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  However, two years after they purchased the system, it was still not functioning properly. The Moran team was extremely frustrated and was considering scrapping the new system despite the substantial financial investment.

The Solution

As a last resort, Moran looked for a new Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in their local area and started working with CAL Business Solutions.  CAL did a full review of their systems and determined that several areas of the system had been set up incorrectly or had been changed by users who did not have adequate training. The CAL team was able to fix these issues and make an immediate impact on Moran’s satisfaction level with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Then CAL started to dig deeper to correct larger issues.

The Benefits

“Helped Us Find The Most Practical Way to Get Work Done”

The core Microsoft Dynamics GP system is a strong, stable system that is easy to use and easy to set up.  However, Moran purchased additional tools that looked impressive but were not needed to run their business. These tools were not only expensive but confused their users as they were given the power to do too much, instead of just what they needed.

“The first team we worked with was more concerned with technical features and did not look at our business as a whole. CAL helped us to determine what we really needed and the most practical, simple way to get there and get the work done,” says Jim Moran, President of Moran USA. “A huge benefit of the CAL staff is that they are big enough to have software experts and hardware experts. And I do mean experts.”

“Reduced Total Cost of Ownership”

CAL helped Moran to cut their losses and get rid of some unnecessary add-on solutions and user licenses. This cut their annual maintenance fees, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) year after year. “Technology should help the client run their business instead of distracting them from it. More advanced features and automation can be added in phases after the initial implementation is successful. We always try to find ways to help our clients save money instead of overselling,” says George Mackiewicz, President of CAL Business Solutions.

“Able to Communicate with Someone Who Understands Our Industry”

The project manager that CAL assigned to the Moran project had a strong background in wholesale and warehouse distribution, and was able to communicate with them in a way they understood. “We wasted years trying to bridge a communication gap with a consulting firm that didn’t know what we wanted because we couldn’t explain our needs in their terms,“ recalls Jim Moran.

After listening to their processes and goals, the CAL team was able to troubleshoot the existing setup and figure out more practical ways to use the system. For example, Moran was using multiple accounts but really only needed one. This streamlined process made it more efficient and easier for users. “CAL excels at communication.  They have a culture that allows them to be honest and say no.  They do not just tell us what we want to hear and we know where we stand with them,” says Jim Moran.

“We Are a Different Company Since We Started Working With CAL”

Moran purchased a deluxe high-end system but did not receive adequate training to use the advanced features.  They were running reports but did not know how to analyze them, so they were printed and stuck in a folder. The security rights were not set up correctly so users were making changes to the system without a proper understanding of the ramifications. All of this contributed to feelings of extreme frustration with users blaming the software and the hardware. CAL patiently provided training and support until the users felt confident and comfortable with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

“We are a different company since we started working with CAL. Our CAL consultant is a wonderful, patient teacher. He has sat at my side for hours, and in fact days, as we went through a very recalcitrant bank reconciliation. He solved the problem, patiently going through everything we needed to know. I really feel very empowered working with him,” recalls Cathy Moran, Owner of Moran USA.

“Amazed at How Powerful Microsoft Dynamics GP Truly Is”

Now Moran is happy with Microsoft Dynamics GP. “We are amazed at how powerful Dynamics GP truly is – everything from warehouse to AR to AP. Our relationship with our customers has improved because of better utilization of information. CAL has given me new hope that GP can be part of the solution to help us grow and innovate,” says Jim Moran.

With the help of CAL Business Solutions, Moran USA now has a practical ERP system they are comfortable with, that helps them run their business better and requires minimal ongoing support.

“With CAL there is no sizzle, but a lot of steak. My greatest piece of advice is: The partner is more important than the software.”
-Jim Moran, President, Moran USA

If you are a wholesale distribution company that is looking for a new ERP system, contact CAL Business Solutions.