Acumatica for nonprofit

At CAL Business Solutions we know that not for profit organizations have specialized financial management and reporting needs.

Our non-profit clients in Connecticut and Southern New England have given us experience in a variety of areas including healthcare (visiting nurse associates), education, volunteer organizations and more. Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica can help non-profit organizations to:

  • Manage the four critical elements of grants, funding, encumbrances, and commitments.
  • Serve the needs of the members with better impact.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Satisfy the demands of grantors and sponsors.
  • Use budget and other resources more effectively.
  • Increase financial insight and control.

Non-Profit Customer Success Stories:

The Russell Sage Foundation
New York, NY
The Russell Sage Foundation, the principal American foundation devoted exclusively to research in the social sciences, has 35 people on staff and rewards approximately 100 grants and 20 fellowships per year. Although the foundation is over 100 years old, it runs modern grants management and financial systems. But until recently those systems did not talk to each other.


  • Accomplished complex integration to connect separate systems
  • Eliminated duplicate data entry
  • Utilized Analytical Accounting for more flexible tracking and reporting

“It took two days each month to enter and re-enter payments in two systems. Now it takes just five minutes.”  Nora Mitnick, Senior Grants Operations Manager
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Wallingford, Connecticut
HealthyCT is a member-run, nonprofit insurance co-op that was established in the State of Connecticut under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For the first year HealthyCT used QuickBooks. However, once the company received federal funding and began to grow, the CFO knew they needed a system with more functionality that could handle GAAP, operational reporting and the stringent regulatory requirements.
Acumatica for nonprofit

  • Flexible system executed vision
  • Compliant with government requirements
  • Smooth data migration from QuickBooks
  • On time and on budget
“On one side, Dynamics GP is a cost-effective solution for a startup, but at the same time it is a solution that you can feel confident will grow with you and accommodate a bigger business down the road.” Chris Masi, CFO
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The Greater Bristol Visiting Nurse Association, Inc.
Bristol, Connecticut
This Greater Bristol VNA needed a strong financial software system that would integrate with its Patron home care system to streamline processes and provide easy access to critical financial data. They chose CAL Business Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP, which has helped the agency improve reporting, increase efficiency and productivity, and boost decision-making.
Greater Bristol VNA

  • Provides robust financial management features lacking in industry
    specific software.
  • Users able to learn new software quickly because of the familiar windows
  • High quality financial reports give complete view of agency’s financial
“We really like the fact that as a Microsoft Windows based product, Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easy for us to train new users. Because it’s so familiar, they’re up and running on it in no time.”  Michelle Charette, Billing/IT Security Supervisor
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Choate Rosemary Hall & Microsoft Dynamics GP – Wallingford, Connecticut
Acumatica for nonprofit “Before Microsoft Dynamics GP we had reports that were about a thousand pages long, they were very cumbersome and time consuming and once we switched over, our productivity increased, our reports that we were able to generate were more professional and it just was an overall very positive experience.”  Heather Kneipfer, Financial Analyst

If you are a Connecticut or New England Not For Profit organization, contact CAL Business Solutions to discuss the right ERP system for your needs.