To answer the question, “How Much Does Acumatica Cost?” we need to ask 3 questions:

1. What functionality do you want to use?

Acumatica has a Small Business and Advanced Edition. Plus, there are add on applications that can be purchased separately.

  • The Small Business Edition includes core financials such as General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. You can add additional modules such as CRM, Standard Distribution, Fixed Assets, and Standard Payroll. Includes 3 entities.
  • The Advanced Edition includes core plus advanced financial such as Sub-accounts, Recurring Revenue and Credit Card Processing. You can add additional modules such as Customer Portals, Project Accounting, Inter-Company Accounting, Deferred Revenue/Contracts, HR and more. Includes 10 entities.

You can also select the Commerce Edition, Distribution Edition, Field Service Edition, Manufacturing Edition or Enterprise Edition for bundled functionality.

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2. What resource level do you need?

For each edition, you can be at the Small, Medium or Large Resource Level. There are no set rules on how to select a resource level. Generally your transaction volume will be the best indicator. (Extra Large and Enterprise Resource levels also available).

  • Small: Approx 25 concurrent users, max 2000 monthly commercial transactions.
  • Medium: Approx 50 concurrent users, max 5000 monthly commercial transactions.
  • Large: Approx 100 concurrent users, max 20,000 monthly commercial transactions.

By reviewing your current system, we can help you determine the right resource level.  For many clients the Small resource level, included in the core price, works well. Acumatica will never force you to move to a higher level, but you will see a decline in performance. During peak seasons you can “burst” up to a higher resource level, and then move back down, for a prorated fee.

3. How do you want to deploy the software?

With Acumatica you can choose to buy the software or pay a monthly subscription fee.

  • Cloud: Pay a monthly subscription fee to Acumatica. Maintenance and continuous upgrades are included.
  • Hosted: Purchase the software (or pay a subscription fee) plus monthly hosting fees at data center of your choice.
  • On Premise: Purchase the software and pay annual maintenance fees (18% of list price) plus hardware and upgrade costs.

While Acumatica does not publish their price list, once we review your business needs and answer these questions CAL Business Solutions can provide a personalized quote for the total cost of Acumatica.

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Will Acumatica prices increase at renewal?

With Acumatica, you do not have to worry that your prices will suddenly increase. If you choose to buy the software you are guaranteed that the maintenance fees will never change for the life of that product. If you choose the subscription plan, the fee will never increase more than 6 percent per year, and many years there is no increase at all.  This is part of the Acumatica Customer Bill of Rights.

A Quick Explanation of Acumatica Cloud ERP Pricing

Ready to evaluate Acumatica?

Ready to evaluate Acumatica?