Ready to Upgrade Your Version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft is still supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP and releasing new versions.  As part of your Business Ready Enhancement Maintenance Plan customers receive the new version at no cost.  CAL Business Solutions is ready to assist you with the installation and training to take full advantage of the benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics GP Version Upgrade.  See what is new since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the average cost of a Dynamics GP upgrade?
There are 8 factors that can impact the price of your next upgrade plus several ways you can save money. Read full article

Can I move my current Dynamics system to the cloud?
Instead of upgrading your hardware according to current version specs, you can move your existing system online. Read more details.

What is the current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?
The current version of Dynamics GP is based on the Modern Lifecycle Policy. The Modern Lifecycle Policy offers support and service, which includes fixes, features, and tax updates. GP customers stay current by taking at least one of the three Dynamics GP updates.  Read about Dynamics GP New Features.

Note: As of 2019, Microsoft no longer includes the year as part of the product name. So the product is now known simply as “Microsoft Dynamics GP”.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Versions Governed by Fixed and Modern Lifecycle

What is the timeline for worldwide Microsoft Dynamics GP releases?
The following table outlines the release schedule for the three committed all-inclusive updates of Dynamics GP each year.

June update  (on or  around June 1st)Tax updates, regulatory updates, hotfixes
October update  (on or  around October 1st)New capabilities, hotfixes
December update  (on or  around December 1st)Tax updates, regulatory updates, hotfixes

Will CAL Business Solutions continue to support my version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?
Yes, CAL Business Solutions will continue to support you, to the best of our ability, as long as you use the product. CAL supports all versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) from GPA to the current version.

When will Microsoft discontinue support for my version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?
As of the October 2019 release, Microsoft Dynamics GP moved to the Modern Lifecycle Policy. Once you install this update or any update after this release you will be on the new modern lifecycle. The Modern Lifecycle Policy covers products and services that are serviced and supported continuously.
For products governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy, Microsoft will provide a minimum of 12 months’ notification prior to ending support if no successor product or service is offered—excluding free services or preview releases.

For all new versions check the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website

ProductMainstream supportExtended support
Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2013 R2Ended April 4, 2018Ends April 11, 2023
Dynamics GP 2015 and GP 2015 R2Ended April 14, 2020Ends April 8, 2025
Dynamics GP 2016 and GP 2016 R2Ends July 13, 2021Ends July 14, 2026
Dynamics GP 2018 and GP 2018 R2Ends January 10, 2023Ends January 11, 2028

What are the current system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP?
Plan your upgrade by reviewing the latest hardware/server specs for Dynamics GP here.

What should I do if I am ready to upgrade my version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 x4 to discuss your options. We will review your current system, add-on products, and customizations and prepare a detailed upgrade plan.

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