Microsoft Dynamics GP is full of new features. And many others have been added since the last major release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Which features will make the biggest impact on your organization?

PDF  What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Complete List of Features Since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

System Wide

GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
Login remembered when working in System ManagerSupport SQL 2019Schedule Check Links
Comprehensive document attachmentSupport Windows Server 2019Multi-Factor Authentication
User Enhancement: Additional sorting options addedSupport Office 2019TLS 1.2
User Enhancement: Unique passwords can be entered for individual SmartList favoritesSmartList add Date optionsSave per user column layouts on Home Page
Hide Business Analyzer in Navigation Lists for all Users (R2)Sort Companies in User AccessDisable print dialog when printing to word
Increase GP Password Maximum Length (R2)Search option in User AccessEnable Self Service user type access to User Preference
Password Expiration Notification (R2)Filter Inactive Users in User Access SetupBulk Edit SmartList Columns
Mass Inactive / Reactive Master Records from Navigation Lists (R2)More than 32 Report Options in Report Group
Intelligent Edge added to homepage (R2)  


GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
Print a single statement from Customer MaintenanceLong Description for Payables Transaction EntryAdditional User Defined fields in General Ledger Transaction Entry
One payment per invoice set or one payment per-vendorExpand Display for Fiscal Period SetupImport Credit Card Transactions
Save select payment settingsDisplay User who posted for Journal Entry InquiryAutomate Financial Full Reconcile
Copy user access across dimensions in Analytical AccountingAdd Class ID to Fixed Assets TransferMatch Excel copy and paste decimal places to Currency Setup
Payables checks windows renamed to reflect alternate payment optionsDocument Attach available in Bank ReconciliationForm 1099 NEC now supported
Exclude items on the HITB Report with zero quantity or value (R2)Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch1099 MISC Form Updates
Transaction level post through GL in several windows (R2)Show Check Number in Apply Sales Doc WindowDBA field for Vendors
Monthly and Bi-Monthly Recurring Batches (R2)Payroll option to Not include Additional WithholdingRemoved fully applied Multicurrency documents from PM HATB
Prevent Duplicate Check Numbers (R2)Payables Integration to Payroll Enhancement 
Deduction/Benefit Quick Assignment functionality 
Exclude Inactive Records for HR benefit and Deduction lookups 
Employment History reason for change for all dates 
Payroll Reprint Pay statements by Audit Code 


GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
Purchase order generation list opens with newest POs Export/Import stock counts to Excel
PO information displayed for requisition originator  
Print purchase requisition  
Display Hold status in the sales transaction entry  
Print Invoice in Functional Currency from SOP Navigation List (R2)  
SmartList: Deposits for Sales Trx that have not been posted (R2)  
Print and email sales Document at the same time (R2)  
Additional Sort Options in SOP Item Inquiry (R2)  
eMail Customer Statements from Customer Maintenance (R2)  
Customer / Combiner Retain Ship to Address name (R2)  
Allow partial purchase in PO that was made from a Purchase Requisition (R2)  
Add Vendor Document Number to the Purchasing All-In-One View (R2)  
Don t Display inactive checkbooks in Lookups (R2)  
eMail PO from PO Entry Screen (R2)  
Computer Check Batch: Check ID will default into the Payables Batch Window (R2)  

Payroll, PTO Manager and Human Resources

GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
Roll down payroll setup options from setup to inactive records Human Resource Social Security Number mask
Turn off garnishment reports in posting setup  
Change the department code in all data tables  
Restrict inactive deduction and benefit codes in lookup windows  
Payroll Shared Maximum for Benefits and Deductions (R2)  
FICA Totals on Payroll Check Register Report (R2)  
Payroll Code Start and End Dates (R2)  

Business Intelligence

GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
SmartLists Created in Smart List Designer will appear in Favorites Navigation Lists ( R2)  
Letter Writing Assistant for SmartList into Web Client (R2)  

Web Client

GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
User Enhancement: Shortcut to SmartList added to web client  
User Enhancement: Auto-complete included in web client  
User Enhancement: One-click navigation to SmartList from web client  


GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
Reminder EmailsUser Security Workflow 
Copy workflow stepUser Workflow 
Reporting for workflowSecurity Roles Workflow 
Additional fields available for Payables transaction workflowSecurity Tasks Workflow 
Additional messages available for purchase order workflowExport and Import Workflows 
Bank used for EFT added to vendor approval workflowChange Approver for active Workflow Task 
New workflows for new accounts, receiving s transactions and purchasing invoicesVendor Approval Enhancements 

Top Feature Requests

GP 2018GP in 2019GP in 2020
 Copy Report OptionMaximum print output screen
 Filter Item Stock Inquiry by DateCopy/Paste Purchasing transactions from Excel
 Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List 
 Minimize transaction when Go To is selected for PO that exists 
 Save setting for Display new PO per user 
 Inactive field added to Item SmartList 
 Display User ID in Item Master table 
 Excel Paste in Web Client 
 Make History Drop down default to most recent year