Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 was released December 19, 2012. Here is a quick list of all the resources you need for this exciting version:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 System Requirements PDF

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 PDF PDF

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 PDF PDF

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Blog Posts

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Blog Posts

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 New Features

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 includes 60 official new features. Plus even more in Dynamics GP 2013 R2. We think that several of them will become your new favorites. Read the CAL blog to see more details, and videos, of some of our favorite Dynamics GP 2013 features.

Dynamics GP 2013 Foundation Enhancements

E-Mail Functionality

  1. Sending documents in email messages
  2. Sales Order Processing Transaction lists
  3. Server type for email
  4. Password protection for Word documents

Homepage Enhancements

  1. Metrics
  2. Customization

Installation and deployment features

  1. Naming system databases
  2. Analytical Accounting


  1. Select a printer when printing
  2. Print reports from maintenance windows

Word Templates

  1. 7 New predefined Word templates for Sales Order Processing

Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics

  1. Address Verification Service for Payment Services

Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Enhancements

General Ledger

  1. Clear balances of unit accounts during year-end close process
  2. Keep inactive accounts with zero balances during year-end close
  3. View status during the year-end close
  4. View net change and period balances for unit accounts at the same time
  5. General Ledger batch approval information is stored
  6. Reconcile subledgers to General Ledger

Payables Management

  1. Edit payables information
  2. Reprint remittance forms and check stubs
  3. Information for voiding reconciled payments
  4. Voiding check enhancements

Receivables Management

  1. Define labels for user defined fields in Customer Address Maintenance
  2. Apply un-posted multicurrency cash receipts

Multi Currency Management

  1. Average exchange rate calculation method for currency translation

Electronic Banking

  1. BAI2 bank format added to Electronic Reconcile
  2. EFT field length
  3. EFT settlement date

Fixed Assets Management

  1. Historical depreciation amounts
  2. Fixed Assets Depreciation Detail Report
  3. Book Setup window update
  4. Depreciation Process Information window
  5. Posting in detail to General Ledger
  6. Edit distribution before posting batch to General Ledger
  7. Intercompany transfers
  8. Automatically generating the next asset ID
  9. Fixed Assets Management calendars

Encumbrance Management

  1. Multiple budget selection for encumbrance
  2. Encumbrance integration with General Ledger

Dynamics GP 2013 Distribution Enhancements

Inventory Control

  1. Select multiple serial numbers at one time
  2. Change standard cost for periodic valuation items
  3. Inactivate items
  4. Inactivate site and item-site relationships
  5. Reason codes
  6. Bin transfer history
  7. Select multiple serial numbers at one time

Purchase Order Processing

  1. Receive a message when purchase order like item is not fully invoiced
  2. Track serial and lot numbers for drop-ship purchase orders
  3. Quantity tolerances
  4. Prepayments for purchase orders

Sales Order Processing

  1. Print back ordered items on picking tickets
  2. Combine multiple fulfillment orders into one invoice
  3. Ship to address enhancements

Dynamics GP 2013 Human Resource and Payroll Enhancements

Human Resources

  1. Life insurance premium age based on birthday or end of year

U.S Payroll

  1. Default print option
  2. Warning for duplicate checks
  3. New Build Check File Exception Report
  4. Edit Pay Code History information
  5. FICA Tax Sheltered Annuity changes
  6. PTO Exception Report

Read a description of each of these new enhancements.

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2

​Microsoft Dynamics 2013 R2 adds significant new capabilities in the following areas:

  • Increase productivity and collaboration with Office 365
  • Easily create executive dashboards and securely share those using Office 365​
  • Enhance collaboration with increased Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Lync interoperability
  • ​Protect your data with enterprise-class backup on Microsoft Azure
  • Mitigate risk with secure, easy-to-use database back up to the cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • Streamlined workflow and requisitions capabilities
  • Quickly create and manage workflows & requisitions within Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Business Managers on the go can approve requests using email. Simplify procurement by consolidating multiple requisitions into single purchase order.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP companion apps. These mobile applications are designed for users who need to participate in key business processes, but don’t need access to the full functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch Event

Thank you everyone for attending our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch event in Farmington, CT. Check out event photos. Feel free to download the event presentations below.


What’s New in Dynamics GP 2013 – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is packed full of new features. Plus, the new pricing model means that every Microsoft Dynamics GP user is getting access to additional modules and functionality. Which features will make you more productive? Which modules will you decide to use? Join us to see an overview of what’s new for you in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  Including an overview of Management Reporter & Fixed Assets.

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