Cavallo is software built by distributors like you to make the distribution processes faster and simpler.

  • Selling and Ordering
  • Warehouse Management and Fulfillment
  • Replenishment
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Invoicing and Collection
  • Reporting and Insights

From selling to shipping, inventory management to invoicing, Cavallo functionality on Dynamics GP helps you realize the full potential of your distribution company.

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the strong financial core that you need. Cavallo formerly SalesPad, makes it easy to do everything else to run your business.

Cavallo SalesPad is a complete front-end order entry, purchasing, sales, and inventory management solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. It also provides a light CRM, reports, and dashboards.

SalesPad Product Map 

Cavallo Execution

  • Customer & Order Manager (SalesPad Desktop)
  • Inventory Manager is Cavallo ‘s warehouse management app for capturing and storing all the information about your products. It will streamline your picking and packing workflow. Manage active orders and keep track of inventoried items.
  • Shipping is an all-in-one shipping feature that eliminates the need for middleman shipping programs (e.g., UPS, WorldShip, or FedEx Ship Manager). Now you can use one system to processes the data and track your shipments during any stage. From order entry to invoice collection, ShipCenter has every step covered.
  • Fedex Ship Manager and UPS Worldship lets you manage your shipping processes without splitting your time between multiple third-party shipping solutions. Having everything in one App saves both time and money and makes everyone’s job easier. You can count on consistency and accuracy in every step of your automated shipping process
  • Return Tracker is the best way to track customer issues. It allows you to note details of all interactions with customers and organize them in one accessible place—link other relevant notes and documents for quick retrieval.
  • Pricing allows users to customize prices.
  • Purchasing helps distributors make  informed decisions on stock.
  • Counter Sales Counter Sales allows your team to make order entries on the fly, either for walk-in customers or offsite sales.
  • CRM unites sales and order management processes.
  • Credit Card Processing module includes all  credit card  processing needs.
  • Customer Portal is a  B2B sales portal for customer orders

Cavallo Control

Cavallo Intelligence

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