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VNA/Long Term Care

VNA/Long Term Healthcare Industry – Microsoft Dynamics GP

Long and short term healthcare providers, visiting nurse associations, home healthcare providers and community healthcare providers all require specialized software that will increase efficiency and empower your team so you can provide the highest level of service and care.

CAL Business Solutions works with dozens of Connecticut VNAs and four of the largest long term health care agencies in New England.

CAL recommends Microsoft Dynamics GP + PointClickCARE for a complete financial & clinical software solution. Or you can use Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software integrated with an industry specific clinical system such as Misys or McKesson.

The right technology can help your healthcare organization to:

  • Improve quality of care while maximizing reimbursements
  • Eliminate double entry
  • Increase workflow and efficiency
  • Get an accurate view of your business
  • Streamline reporting

You get solid accounting and clinical software from a name you can trust. Plus, it works with the other Microsoft programs you use every day, so it is easy to learn and easy to use.  Dynamics GP for Healthcare

Healthcare Customer Success Stories:

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice
Guilford, Connecticut
VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s mission is to promote and preserve the health, safety, dignity and independence of individuals and families by providing therapeutic and preventive healthcare services in their place of residence and in the community.


  • Automated complex payroll process
  • Fixed payment error resulting in substantial ongoing savings
  • Simplified financial reporting
  • Increased user adoption with user-friendly system
I would absolutely recommend CAL! They built an application to handle a very complicated process and took the time to get it to work. – Maria Fowler, Payroll Administrator, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice

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Church Homes, Inc.
Hartford, Connecticut
A decision-maker at Church Homes spoke with a colleague at another local retirement community that was using Microsoft Dynamics GP. When the Church Homes team went to their site and saw the system, they knew it would work for them too. Church Homes felt it was important to work with a local Microsoft Dynamics GP partner to provide support and training onsite, so they selected CAL Business Solutions.


  • Data no longer locked in the financial system.
  • Reports are always available and up to date.
  • Payroll processing time cut in half.
  • Automated filing and GL entry imports save time.
“With our old ERP system, it was very frustrating to know that the data was in there, but we couldn’t get to it. Now getting financial information is so easy.” – Ruth Donahue, Controller, Church Homes, Inc.
Read Full Case Study: Church Homes, Inc.-Nonprofit Healthcare Facility Unlocks Financial Data with Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting

The Greater Bristol Visiting Nurse Association, Inc.
Bristol, Connecticut
This Greater Bristol VNA needed a strong financial software system that would integrate with its Patron home care system to streamline processes and provide easy access to critical financial data. They chose CAL Business Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP, which has helped the agency improve reporting, increase efficiency and productivity, and boost decision-making.
Greater Bristol VNA

  • Provides robust financial management features lacking in industry
    specific software.
  • Users able to learn new software quickly because of the familiar windows
  • High quality financial reports give complete view of agency’s financial
“We really like the fact that as a Microsoft Windows based product, Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easy for us to train new users. Because it’s so familiar, they’re up and running on it in no time.”  Michelle Charette, Billing/IT Security Supervisor
Read Full Case Study:  CAL Business Solutions Helps Non-Profit Healthcare Agency Improve Efficiency and Financial Reporting

Healthcare Customer Testimonials:

“The Great Plains system meets all of our needs. Because it integrates smoothly with our other systems we see significant time savings in running payroll. I can easily generate reports inside Great Plains and because it is a Microsoft system I can easily export information into Excel and use the data any way I want. I have the information I need to make important decisions, quickly.”
Cynthia Florou, Finance Director, New England Home Care

“Our project manager is always responsive to calls and inquiries. Even if he is unable to address my inquiry right away, at the least he will send an email to let me know he received my request and when he can expect to work on it. We have been very satisfied.”
Lina Irizarry, Accounting Manager, Connecticut Community Care

“We use Great Plains for our General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. I feel Great Plains helps us run our business more efficiently. I had used Great Plains in the past and found it easy to learn and easy to use, but it is nice to know that CAL is there for support if we need it.”
Wendy Saben, Senior Bookkeeper, Farmington Valley VNA

“I just love the Dynamics GP system. I can’t speak highly enough of it. We don’t have to recreate the wheel every time we perform repetitive tasks. We get better information, faster and more efficiently. We can share it others and make better business decisions.”
Ruth Donahue, Controller, Church Homes, Inc.

“Anyone I deal with at CAL is a pleasure to work with – they are all friendly, professional and good at what they do! I would recommend CAL to anybody.”
Ruth Donahue, Controller, Church Homes, Inc.

“Great Plains (Microsoft Dynamics GP) is simple to use because it is windows based. It is easy to train new employees because it looks so much like Office programs they are already familiar with. It streamlines our banking, financial and billing processes into one central system. It integrates with our clinical/patient software so we can take information from there and use it in Great Plains. This makes our month and year end closing much simpler and faster. CAL has done a great job of hiring good people. They give us professional support, answer our questions quickly and offer many training options.”
Michelle Charette, Billing Supervisor, The Greater Bristol VNA

“My favorite thing about using Great Plains is the ability to do repetitive journal entries, which eliminates double entry. This one feature alone saves time for my entire team and makes month end closing a breeze. The support team at CAL is knowledgeable and I enjoy working with them.”
Judy Hardwick, Director of Finance, VNA Health at Home

If you are a Connecticut or New England healthcare organization, contact CAL Business Solutions to determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right ERP system for your needs.

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