How to Deploy Dynamics 365 BC

You have choices when you deploy Dynamics 365 BC.  Those choices include a traditional on-premises model, a hosted private cloud subscription or in the cloud with Microsoft.  Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and price points that you need to consider based on your company requirements.

Traditional On-Premises

Purchase the software and deploy at your location on your own server. You maintain control of your data at all times and you are not dependent on an internet connection. You are responsible for all server maintenance, backups and other IT services.  Software and hardware purchase can mean a large initial investment of funds.     

Hosted Private Cloud Subscription

With Hosted Private Cloud Subscription, you pay a monthly subscription license fee to have Business Central run on servers at a secure data center of your choice. This allows you to decide where the software and data are stored and, when you will apply updates to the software.

Cloud Subscription Hosted with Microsoft

With a Cloud Subscription Hosted with Microsoft, you will pay a monthly fee that includes server infrastructure and is run on Microsoft’s Azure.  Microsoft provides regular enhancement updates that are smaller in nature, as well as a twice-a-year major release.  Microsoft offers 2 versions of BC, Business Central Essentials and Business Central Premium.

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