Customer: Innovative Medical Products, Inc.
Former System: MYOB
Location: Plainville, CT
Industry:Manufacturing & Distribution

Customer Profile

Innovative Medical Products, Inc. is a Connecticut based manufacturer and distributor of medical device for the orthopedic industry.

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“With Dynamics GP we have increased our order processing by 150% and our order accuracy to 98.5% because of workflow, easy access to information, and barcoding.”
Rich Larkin, Director of Operations

The Challenge

Innovative Medical Products, Inc. (IMP) had outgrown the MYOB accounting software used to run their manufacturing and distribution company. MYOB had only basic functionality, was hitting the limit on the number of transactions it could effectively handle and could not produce the detailed reports needed to analyze their business. The company knew they needed a new ERP system with a strong financial and distribution focus based on Microsoft SQL Server to allow flexible reporting.

The Solution

IMP compared seven different accounting/ERP software packages that fit their requirements. Microsoft Dynamics GP stood out because of the way it was presented by the local Connecticut partner, CAL Business Solutions.

“For everything we asked, George was able to show us real scenarios of how the data could be organized to fit our business. He gave us solutions rather than just telling us there were open fields available to do whatever we wanted,” says Rich Larkin, Director of Operations.

IMP chose to install Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad from CAL Business Solutions.

 The Benefits

 “Increased Our Order Processing by 150%”

Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad has had a huge impact on the order processing at IMP.  The company has increased orders by 150% without adding head count because each worker is able to be more productive.

“Prior to Dynamics GP we could effectively process about 20 orders a day per person; now we’re up around 40 or 50 orders a day per person. The customer service people have information at their fingertips. When they enter an order all the customer information data, history, and order details are right on the
screen, ” says Larkin.

“Workflow Streamlines the Order Process”

IMP processes several different kinds of orders:  evaluations, repairs, loans and product orders. Workflow set up for each kind of order ensures that it is now processed quickly, efficiently, and correctly. “The workflow in Sales Pad, allows us to streamline the orders.  Getting SalesPad implemented and customized for our business has really led to the productivity increases,” says Larkin.

“Increased Our Order Accuracy To 98.5%”

IMP now uses Microsoft Dynamics GP and the SalesPad Data Collection module with handheld barcode scanners for picking items in the warehouse. “It has helped us improve productivity immensely, especially with error control. We have a lot of products that have similar names. We were having errors such as when a customer would order a 1092P ,a hip position pad, and we would actually ship the hip positioner product (1092), and the difference is about $7,000.00.  With the barcode system there is very little chance of error. With Dynamics GP we have increased our order accuracy from approximately 85% to 98.5%,” says Larkin.

“Online SSRS Portal Saves 3 Days and 500 Sheets of Paper Monthly”

IMP needed a way for their 35 outside sales reps to be able to see their commission data on a real time basis. In the past, checks were mailed out monthly with a consolidation report to show how their commissions were calculated, and a second report of new invoices that came into the system. It took one IMP employee a solid three days each month to print, sort, staple, stuff, and mail the 500+ pages.

Rick Larkin, an experienced Microsoft Dynamics GP user, decided to build an online portal using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  The sales reps now receive their checks electronically via ACH transfer, then securely log into the online site to see how their checks were calculated. “Microsoft Dynamics GP is so flexible. The SSRS report was up and running in about a week,” says Larkin.

“Manages Manufacturing Without It Being Overkill”

IMP appreciates that Microsoft Dynamics gives them the strong core accounting functionally they needed, plus more. Larkin comments, “Some of the other ERP systems that we looked at were more heavily manufacturing based, and we were looking for more inventory control and distribution. Dynamics GP gives the company enough functionality to manage the manufacturing process, without being overkill.  .”

“Working with CAL Is a Bright Spot”

Working with the right Microsoft Dynamics GP partner is just as important as choosing the right software.

“I can flat out tell you that working with CAL is definitely a bright spot.  CAL has experts in SQL so I don’t need to be an expert at everything.  The CAL team has great process knowledge of our distribution business. I just can’t say enough good things about the CAL team,” says Larkin.

IMP now has a reliable system that gives them the reporting they need, plus increased order accuracy and order processing.   They continue to find new ways to be more efficient with the system, solving business challenges as the company grows.

If you are a  manufacturing and/or distribution company that is looking for a new ERP system, contact CAL Business Solutions.