Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing and Distribution Success Story

Video Transcription: Dynamics GP Case Study Distribution Company Grows Without Adding Staff – Thor Specialty Chemical

Thor is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, including biocides, flame retardants and personal care ingredients. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad, Thor has managed double digit growth without adding personnel to the accounting, inventory or order entry teams. Thor continues to work with CAL Business Solutions on new projects to find innovative ways to save money and work smarter. This is their story.

“Since implementing Dynamics GP with SalesPad we were able to handle a 30% increase in business without adding personnel. This saves us at least $150,000 each year. Now we are working with CAL on a new project to integrate with our outside provider of logistic services. We predict this will save us a tremendous amount of time and enable us to grow an additional 10 to 15 percent per year without hiring additional staff, for the next three years.” Andrea LaMontagne, Customer Service and Logistics Manager, Thor

“Dynamics GP as a financial system is straightforward and easy to use. The initial set up went very smoothly, we didn’t lose even a day in closing the first month after we went live.” Bobbi-Ann Berglund, Assistant Controller, Thor

“We also use Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with Dynamics GP and SalesPad to provide our sales team with access to information they need to serve customers better.” Bobbi-Ann Berglund, Assistant Controller, Thor

“The order entry process is extremely efficient. We are able to confidently document the amount of time that it takes to process orders and look at ways to trim the fat. The system is user friendly, and intuitive, it basically tells us what to do next.  Anybody can pick it up in a very short amount of time.” Andrea LaMontagne, Customer Service and Logistics Manager, Thor

“We use Dynamics GP for landed cost and it does that very elegantly.  We added RockySoft for inventory planning and Container Management to handle the receipt of imported products. These add on tools really simplify our processes but we know it is Dynamics GP that wraps them all together. Now, we don’t need to look outside of the system for information.”  Bobbi-Ann Berglund, Assistant Controller, Thor

“My favorite thing about Dynamics GP with SalesPad is the fact we didn’t have to modify our workflow and procedures to fit the software, the software is flexible to fit us. And as our needs change, the software has been able to grow with us.” Andrea LaMontagne, Customer Service and Logistics Manager, Thor

“Our old reporting system did not provide reports in the format our management wanted to see. CAL found a way for us to get the data directly from Dynamics GP into Excel. It took CAL about 10 hours to build, but it saves us $13,000 a year on license fees. CAL was not only around for the initial set up, they continue to solve problems for us and come up innovative ideas” Bobbi-Ann Berglund, Assistant Controller, Thor

“The team at CAL Business Solutions are great to work with. They involve me in the process and speak in terms I can understand. It’s not just all techy speak and code words. They know our distribution industry and want us to be successful.”  Andrea LaMontagne, Customer Service and Logistics Manager, Thor

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