Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Success Story

Video Transcription: Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Success Story: Amax Inc. & CAL Business Solutions

Narrator: Amax Incorporated, formerly the office products division of Stanley Black & Decker, is the exclusive distributor of Stanley Bostitch staplers and other home and office tools. With the help of CAL Business Solutions, Amax implemented a Microsoft Dynamics GP software system in 12 weeks with zero interruption to their multimillion dollar distribution business, and has been running smoothly in the cloud ever since. This is their story.

Gary Blanchette, Executive Vice President, Amax: When Stanley decided to spin-off the Stanley Bostitch office products business, we had only about 12 weeks to implement a new ERP system and we simply could not afford any interruptions for any of our customers.  A lot of people told us it couldn’t be done.  We spent a lot of time looking at SAP, Net Suite, and also Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In the end, we chose Microsoft Dynamics GP and CAL Business Solutions as our implementation partner.  It ended up being a complete homerun.

Once we chose Microsoft Dynamics GP, we interviewed several implementation partners to try and decide which one to partner with.  After interviewing several of them, they spoke in a lot of buzz words and had all the platitudes to talk to us about, but after meeting with CAL we felt they were really nuts-and-bolts guys.  We were able to explain to them how we wanted the business to run, what it needed to do, and what we expected from the ERP system.   In the end, it was CAL Business Solutions’ expertise that made this project work.

George Mackiewicz, President, CAL Business Solutions: Because of CAL Business Solutions deep Distribution experience, we were able to bring Amax live on GP, SalesPad, EDI and a 3PL in just 12 weeks.

Joe DeRita, Director of Channel Management, Amax: Using SalesPad with Microsoft Dynamics GP is a huge benefit to our business.  Our customer service department has single-screen visibility to orders and can click through in a matter of seconds and find the information that they need.  Our sales team can also go in when they get a call from a customer and review the same information and give that information to the customer within a matter of minutes which is a huge advantage when compared to our competitors.

Brian Leroux, Director of Finance and Accounting, Amax: Dynamics GP really allows us to maintain our true inventory costs and we feel this allows us to correctly price products as well as to maintain our strong inventory levels.  One of the keys of our business is 360 degrees of visibility.  This allows all information related to inventory to be accessed by all levels of the company on a real-time basis. We feel that Dynamics GP really allows us to stay a step ahead of our competition.

Gary Blanchette, Executive Vice President, Amax: We implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud to reduce our upfront costs, speed up implementation, and also gave us the ability to access it anywhere in the world.  We flipped a switch two years ago and we haven’t experienced any downtime since.

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics GP and CAL Business Solutions our business is performing better than ever and you can really see that in the sales results over the past couple of years.

Narrator: CAL Business Solutions is a Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner serving distribution companies. If you are looking for a new ERP or accounting software system, contact CAL Business Solutions.

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