All of the tools in the Professional Services Tools Library, or PSTL, are now free! But many Microsoft Dynamics GP users don’t take advantage of them. In this video series I will show you my favorite PSTL tools.

Tip #1 is how to enable doc date verify in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Video Transcription:

This is Amber Bell from CAL Business Solutions. Today’s topic is Professional Services Tools’ Library, How to Enable Doc Date Verify.

All of the tools in the professional services tools library are now free. But many Dynamics GP users don’t take advantage of them. In this series I will show you some of my favorite PSTL tools.

Tip No. 1 is how to enable doc date verify. Now, you may not have ever heard of doc date verify or known that you wanted to turn that feature on but what that does is it prevents users from entering a date that does not exist in your fiscal period setup. So this prevents users from accidentally posting the sub-ledger to a future period. That’s usually the most common mistake we see.

How you enable doc date verify is simply clicking on PSTL in your navigation pane if you’re using GP2013 or newer. If you’re using an older version of GP, you can contact CAL to help you access the professional services tools library. You can also contact us to help you install if you don’t have it all the way installed. So we’re going to go ahead and open it up. You’re going to see setup PSTL main setup. Some of the tools require you to be logged in as administrator so for this example I am logged in as system administrator.

Under the tools over on the far right side there’ll be a tool that says doc date verify. You’ll notice mine is clicked as enabled. You can go ahead and click on there too. Basically just checking this box enables that tool. You don’t have to click save, you just close the window and that is turned on. I will show you where that tool kicks in under purchasing. It works for purchasing and receivables, inventory as well. But we’re going to just use purchasing as an example.

Now, let’s say that I’m entering a transaction. I get to my date and I meant to say 05-15-2015 but instead I typed 3015. It will tell you a fiscal period for this date has not been set up, the user could try typing again if they made another mistake, they will still get that error. So until they add a date that exists, they won’t be able to tab off of that field.

We also want to add because professional services tools library or PSTL affects all users, please make sure you check with your system administrator before making any changes. Also some of the tools in the PSTL library do include modifying data so if you are going to use these tools it is very important that you back up your system before making any changes. For help with backing up your system or installing or enabling the professional services tools library, contact CAL. Thank you very much.

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