All of the tools in the Professional Services Tools Library, or PSTL, are now free! But many Microsoft Dynamics GP users don’t take advantage of them. In this video series I will show you my favorite PSTL tools.

Tip #2 is how to use the RM (or Receivables Management) Unapply tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Video Transcription:

This is Amber Bell from CAL Business Solutions. Today’s topic is Professional Services Tools’ Library, Receivables Transaction Unapply.

All of the tools in the professional services tools library or PSTL are now free but many Dynamics GP users don’t take advantage of them. In this series, I will show my favorite PSTL tools.

Tip No. 2 is how to use the RM, or receivables unapply tool. In GP2013 and newer, users can access the PSTL library using the PSTL shortcut in their navigation pane.

The tool we are using today covers moving items from history back into the open status so that they can be unapplied and marked as voided, NSF or changed. What we’re going to do is first take a look at customer with an item in history, Baker’s Emporium and we’re going to go ahead and go to the Professional Services Tools Library window, or PSTL. If you do not have a link to PSTL or the PSTL library is not installed on your workstation, please contact CAL Business Solutions.

I’m going to go ahead and click on the PSTL main setup link, and you’ll see in the middle of the screen sales tools. I’m going to select RN transaction unapply. Click next and I have that window. Now, if I’m going to use this tool all the time, I’m going to create a shortcut for my user by clicking file, add to shortcuts, and you’ll see that shortcut when we’re done with using the tool. We’re going to pull up Baker’s Emporium, so I’m gonna put in part of the I.D., do a lookup, pull my customer. I see the payment listed as applied and all I have to do is uncheck the box. I recommend you always do report only the first time. That allows you to see an edit list of what will happen and I always click one payment. Go to screen and I can see that when I unapply, two transactions are going to be affected, both the invoice and the payment. So, we’re going to say yes, that’s exactly what I want to have happen, so we’re going to uncheck again, unapply one payment. If you are doing this in a life company, we recommend first do a backup and next, make sure you print a copy of this report so you have a record of what you did. Go ahead and click okay. Now, I have a record of what I did. You’ll see at the top it says what it was and we’re going to go ahead and close this screen and now you can see that that moves the payment and the invoice back into open.

Close the tools, go back to home and you’ll see I now have that as a shortcut on my navigation pane. As always, we recommend that you do a backup before using any PSTL tools because they make changes to the GP system data.

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By Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions –