In this tip you will see how Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 now enables you to copy user security and home page and area page settings when adding new users or when updating existing users.


Video Transcription:

This is Amber Bell, from CAL Business Solutions. Today’s topic is How to Copy Homepage Settings in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

The last few versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP have included several improvements in creating new users. The latest version allows you not only to copy security but also to copy home and area page settings. We’re going to create a new user for this exercise, but note that you can use this tip to update existing users.

I am currently logged in as System Administrator or SA. You can also create new users using the dynsa user. We’re going to go ahead and click on administration, setup and then user and we are going to type in a new user I.D. So today we’re just going to use CAL and we’ll just do CAL Tips for my user name, and we’re going to go ahead and put in a simple password, so for this case I’m going to uncheck the advance sequel server options. For your company you may require a certain length of password or expiration or including symbols or capital letters, but for today we’re just going to make is very simple. I have a very easy password.

Now normally, I would just go ahead and hit save and I’d be done with my user. Maybe I’d go in there and put it homepage role, but at that point I would have to open that user and make the changes to the homepage. So we’re going to go ahead and say copy settings. Now the older version of GP, GP 2013 would allow you to copy security, but the newest version has this section, homepage and area pages. So we’re going to copy this from and existing user named John Smith, and we’re not just going to copy his security access, and you will see it allows them to copy roles, tasks and company access, but we’re also going to copy home and area pages. So we are going to copy the homepage role, homepage content and area pages. I am going to go ahead and type in J. Smith, and click tab, and click ok. I am going to click continue because that’s going to override if I had anything on that other user, and now I am done. As simple as that.

If I look at my user now, we’re going to look at user access for my CAL user. They have access to the company. If I go into security and I pull up my CAL user and we pull up our company, they have the same security. We’re going to go ahead and hit save. I have now logged in as my new user. As you can see, my user has settings on the homepage, including access to new features from 2015, the procurement part of the homepage, which we will cover later. I also have the same security settings. So if I go into a module that this user does not have access to, they’ll see that the information is very limited.

So that’s it. Simply create a new user I.D., copy from an existing user and click save.

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By Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions –