One thing users love about Microsoft Dynamics GP is the strong financial reporting. You can use the “My Reports” feature on the Microsoft Dynamics GP home page to make sure your favorite reports are always at your fingertips.

The reports that show on your home page are based on your user role. But you can automatically or manually chose different reports to display. You can run those reports right from the home page. This video also shows you a favorite tip on how to see of all the reports you have marked as favorites. Take advantage of the strong financial reporting of Microsoft Dynamics GP and always have your favorite reports at your fingertips

In this video, Amber Bell, Dynamics GP training expert for CAL Business Solutions will also show you an easy way to see of all the reports you have marked as favorites.

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This is Amber Bell from CAL Business Solutions.  Today’s topic is “How to Customize the Dynamics GP Home Page by Using the My Reports Feature”.

The My Reports feature is here on the home page and by default there are no reports that are going to show.  It’s going to be based on your role when you click add reports.  You can manually add them or you can automatically add reports that are specific to the work that you do and that’s based on the role that was picked for your user ID.

If you haven’t tried setting up a role we actually have a video for that; we recommend that you watch that first. PART 1 – Customize the Home Page-Changing User Role.  So first we’re going to go ahead and say automatically add reports that are specific to the work that I do and click okay.  Now what this system is going to do is go ahead and load the reports that are used most often by people on payables.  So first it did a payables, historical age-trial-balance summary, a cash-requirements report and then it also links to smart-list reports.  Now if you had another report that you wanted to use you can add it to your My Reports manually.

I’m going to go ahead and do that just to show you where it comes up on the home page.  So for my user ID I want to also have a link to just the regular-trial balance.  We’re going to go in here, here and we’re going to go ahead and pick this one.  There’s my test and now here, I can click My Reports and it’s going to add it right to my home page.  So here we’re going to click okay and close, and close and we’ll go back to the home page and now you’re going to see if I refresh this home page that I’ll have the AB test.  Right there at the bottom we have that report.

Now to run those reports you can either click right on them, it’s going to run the report right to your screen.  There’s My Report.  I had this set up for just one vendor.  I’m going to go ahead and close this.  Or what I can also do is click on this little pencil. I really like this feature.  If I click this pencil it’s going to give me a list of all the reports that I’ve made my favorite and they can come from anywhere.  I’m just using purchasing reports, but I could have a financial report in there or a sales report.  What I can do is check this little box next to it, add at the option, so in here maybe for this one I want to go ahead and filter it and just be a specific vendor type or ID or priority and I can add that filter.  So in here I’m going to add a vendor class and go in and add the filter and insert; and I can print it right from this screen.  So add the option from the My Reports feature to either run it right from the home page or if you need to change the date range or change the item selected you can click on the little pencil, it will pop up this screen, pick the item, click edit report option.  If it’s a smart list you can just double click, it will open right to that smart list; go ahead and do this, and then here I have that smart list and it opened and I can open that from the home page as well.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Dynamics GP Partner