This example is available in FRx sample data:  IS_Dynamics_WKS
We are going to go through how to create a link to an external worksheet (used when each row links externally).

In this exercise we will be using the /CPO (current Period Offset) which means
Your spreadsheet should/could look like the following:

Basically we have Column A with account/labels and Column B-M with amounts and Column N with the totals.

Also on the bottom there are multiple sheets for CORP, DENVER, and SF.

In FRX your Row Format would look like the Following:

You define which Column (A) and what Row to start in:  A5/CPO.  Will tell FRx that you want to start at A5 and go to the next column for each period.

Your First Link (H) is to your General Ledger Accounts (normal Natural Accts)
Your Second Link I & J are linking to separate Worksheets with the exact same formats.
When you add the link it should look like the following:

You are only setting up the links, you will define the worksheet in the tree setup.
Your column setup will define when to go and pick up from the Worksheet by using WKS
The example where would be Columns C, E, G (you would have a whole year entered).

Your Tree Defines where the worksheet is:

In this case they had multiple sheets; therefore, they have to define the external file and then the sheet. (Column T)


You also have to go in and Define the External Link (from the link you setup on the row)

You can use the drop down to bring in the rows.

If you need further help please contact us.  And you can also look at the sample reports in FRX  called IS_Dynamics_WKS