Watch Video Demo:  Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip: Changes to Menu Bar in GP2013 R2

With the release of GP2013 R2, we have seen some really exciting changes and enhancements. One change can cause some confusion. This tip is to explain the change and to give you the option to change your User Preferences.

Here is the old menu bar:

Here is the new Action Pane (This is the Default after you upgrade):

The new Action Pane is much easier to read and highlights some features you might not be aware of. However, it can be confusing.

Example 1:

Add Note – This button adds a “Window Note” not a transaction or record note.

Example 2: The Print Check Window

As you can see, there are 2 “Print” buttons. The 2nd print button prints the Edit List.

You can adjust your user preferences to use the “Old” menu bar or an “Action Pane Strip”

Here is a sample of an “Action Pane Strip”

You can access your User Preferences under: Microsoft Dynamics GP>>User Preferences

Or off of the default Navigation Pane


Note: If you make a change to this setting in you User Preferences, you will need to exit and re-open GP for the changes to take place.