Tip Suggestion: Error: Batch is Being Edited by Another User of Zubin Gidwani – Originally posted on GPUG

Occasionally Dynamics GP might crash on a user while they are attempting to post a batch. When the user logs back in, the system may not allow them to open or recover the batch and barks back with the error: Batch is being edited by another user …

The user knows they were the one in the batch but can’t get back to reprocess it??? The behind the scenes answer is that the system has placed a lock on the batch by making an entry in the SY00800 Batch Activity table (Batch Posting status table) in the Dynamics database (not the respective company database).

If you can reach your system admin they can manually delete the batch in SQL from the DYNAMICS.SY00800 table. If it’s after hours, on the last day of the close and you need this batch posted to close the books, there is a fix for that.

If you are on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10+, Microsoft Support has an automated solution available on Customer Source that you might want to make available to your accounting managers. Microsoft’s support team has a number of widgets available for advanced business users and system admins to take advantage of.

These solutions are typically down and dirty utilities that get the job done, they don’t necessarily have pretty User Interfaces, don’t necessarily have confirmations upon completion, but as said, they get the job done… Please explore all of the other automated solutions Microsoft provides, you might find a fix for one of your ailments…

Zubin Gidwani’s involvement in the Dynamics GP market spans across many disciplines. As a customer with Performance Building Services in Denver and formerly Maui Land and Pineapple in Hawaii, he’s focused on systems integration, business process reengineering, budget administration, BI & reporting, and financial and systems audit support. He also develops products to help GP businesses add efficiencies.

Zubin serves on the Board of Advisors for the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG), and has been actively involved in a number of the Special Interest Groups. He’s a regular contributor all around and mentor for many GPUG members.

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