I am always surprised how many users do not know about this tip. Whenever I start training, I ask users what key they use to move from field to field in other applications. If they are used to using the ENTER key,Great Plainscan be frustrating for them. This is because, by default, if you hit ENTER inGreat Plains, it will SAVE and CLOSE the window you are in. This is very frustrating if you are working on transactions and then have to search for the document you accidentally closed. This tip is for those of you who are not used to using the TAB key to move around.


By having the Entry Key set to TAB, I would have to use TAB to move from field to field and Clicking ENTER would close and save

If I switch to Return, I can move field to field using either the TAB or the ENTER keys. To save and close a window, I would hit CTRL + ENTER.