Microsoft introduced a new report called the “Historical Inventory Trial Balance Report”. It is used for balancing Inventory to the General Ledger. This report is not part of any of the pre-defined security roles. Therefore, you will need to create a new task that can be assigned to an existing role or new role that will then be assigned to your users:

To Run Report: Inventory>>Reports>>Activity>>Historical Inventory Trial Balance

If you want the balance as of a month end date the most important options are:

  1. Use: GL Posting Date
  2. Date Range from “0/0/0000” – Month End Date

To Give Access to the Report

Step 1: Create Task

  1. Administration>>Setup>>System>>Security      Tasks
  2. Enter Task ID (This is up to you. I always start with an “*” to flag them as custom tasks. Below I used: “*RPT_INV – HIST INV TB”)
  3. Enter Task Name (This is up to you. I always start with an “*” to flag them as custom tasks. Below I used: “*Reports – Inventory Historical Inv Trial Balance”)
  4. Select the Category     (recommended for this report “Inventory”)
  5. Product: HITB Report
  6. Type: Reports
  7. Series: Inventory
  8. Mark All

Step 2: Create New Role

Tip: If you want to assign to a “Pre-Defined Role”, it is recommended that you create a New Role that is a copy of the pre-defined role.

    1.  Administration>>Setup>>System>>Security      Roles.
    2. Enter a new Role ID.
    3. Click “Copy”.
    4. Select role you want to      copy.
    5. Click Select

    1. Click OK
    2. Edit the Role Name (I made mine: “*Warehouse Manager – Includes HITB      Rpt”)
    3. Check the box next to the new “Task” you created:

Open User Security and assign to the users that you want to give access to the report.

    1. If you have them assigned to a “Pre-Defined” role, you can choose to  leave them assigned to the old and new roles, or you can unassign the “Pre-Defined” role and assign to the new role you created. You could choose to make a role that only includes the “HITB” report and assign the Task to the new role, then give that role to all users affected without adjusting their roles.