What happens when you realize that two accounts were set up for the same customer in Microsoft Dynamics GP?  You need to merge customer accounts in Dynamics GP. See how to to do this you will use the Customer Combiner and Modifier utility (formerly part of the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) but can now accessed from the main Sales window in Dynamics GP.)

Video Transcription:

This is Amber Bell from CAL Business Solutions. Today’s topic is how to merge customer accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

What happens when you realize that two accounts were setup for the same customer in Dynamics GP? You need to merge customer accounts in Dynamics GP. To do this you will need the customer combiner and modifier utility. This tool used to be part of Professional Services Tools Library. But now it is accessed from the main sales window in Dynamics GP. Please be aware it is very important that you do a backup of your data because there is no undo for this process. Also if you are using any add-on products that connect to your customer database it is important that you contact us before using this tool. This tool will not update some external databases.

So here’s an example. We have a customer in the system we’ve been working with for many years called World Enterprises and someone accidentally setup an additional customer using a different ID but the same name and now we have credits and payments that we can’t apply because they are under the wrong customer ID. Now I could void these and re-enter them. But let’s imagine that they had a lot of history.

What I want to do is use the combiner utility. To access the combiner utility I’m going to go under sales and go under utilities and go to customer combiner and modifier. Again this is a system-wide change so please make sure that you have security to that window locked down so that people can’t access this without doing a backup and letting you know. So we’re going to go into this window. Make sure it’s set to customer combiner and we’re going to pull up the bad customer ID. So the first one is going to be the bad customer ID. And then in the second column we’re going to put the customer we want to have at the end so the destination customer ID or the good customer ID. I’m going to go ahead and click process.

Again I get a reminder about doing a backup which I’ve done already so we’re going to click continue. And we will get a report. I recommend that you print this report and save it in the customer file in case there are any questions. So we get the source ID and the destination. I’m going to close these windows, go back into my transaction by customer and you’ll see there’s World Enterprises and now I have that credit that I entered and that credit shows the correct customer. There will be no record of the incorrect ID at all in the system. It will be completely removed from the system. So if for some reason you need to keep both customers do not use this tool because there is not an undo and it does not maintain the original or old customer ID.

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By Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions – www.calszone.com