Sometimes when you request Microsoft Dynamics GP support you will be asked if you can send a screenshot, or picture, of the screen or error message in question. We have found that many uses don’t realize how simple this can be. There is a free tool called the Snipping Tool including in most Microsoft operating system. But sometimes people don’t even realize it is there. Once you find it, you will love it.

You can capture a whole screen or section of a screen as a picture. Then mark it up, save it or email it.

Watch this short video for instructions and an example:



Video Transcription:

This is Amber Bell from CAL Business Solutions.  Today’s topic is, “How to Take Screenshots of Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

Have you ever needed a screen shot of a Microsoft Dynamics GP error screen for a support request or maybe just a screen shot for some internal documentation?

You can use the Microsoft snipping tool that is included for free in most Microsoft operating systems.

I’m going to show you how to find it.  Simply click on your Start button and say Snipping Tool.  There it is.  I’m going to go ahead and click on the tool.

Down here I’m going to press new and I’m going to select my screens with my errors.  I can even highlight.  I can make big circles and write on here.  I know that looks kind of scary, but we’ll go ahead and send it to somebody and let them know we need some help.  And built in there is even the ability to send as an email.  It’s right in there.  I can send this to someone and they’ll give me a call and help me out.

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By Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions ,