There are two ways to easily generate a list of unreconciled bank transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This video tip will show you both options so you can choose which one is easiest for you.

You can also read the written instructions for the SmartList option in the post Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip: SmartList of Unreconciled Bank Transactions (Checks, Deposits, and more) (STACY – please update this post to latest version before publishing)


This is Amber Bell from CAL Business Solutions.  Today’s topic is, “How to Easily Generate a List of Unreconciled Bank Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

If you want to generate a list of unreconciled bank transactions including AP checks and cash deposits you have two choices.

Option 1 would be to generate the report under Financial Reports, Checkbook.  Choose Checkbook Register and create an option of Unreconciled Items.  You have the choice to filter by checkbook and then mark the option to only include unreconciled items.  I’m going to go ahead and click print and you’ll see the report that gets generated.

Option 2 would be to use Smart List.  We’re going to go ahead and look at that option.  I’m going to open up smart list and under Financial, Bank Transactions. I’ve created a smart list called unreconciled transactions – Uptown Trust or the name of the bank.  There will be step-by-step directions available on our web site.

Let me go ahead and show you the report.  As you can see I see the checkbook ID, the transaction type, the date, the pay to or received from, the description and the amount.  I’m able to sort and search for the pay to information if I needed to.

You can take this list and send it out to Excel.  If there are any columns you don’t care about you could just delete those out, any columns that you want to format you can format, and you could share that information with anyone in your company.

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By Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions ,