This is a great tip to help you access files that you use often (i.e. Fax Coversheets, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.)

Step 1: Make sure the Navigation Pane is open:

Step 2: Click ADD

Step 3: Name the Shortcut, then click BROWSE

Step 4: When the window opens to search for the file, it will default to only looking for “.exe” files. You should change the drop-down menu to look for all files. (Note: You can use these steps to add shortcuts to program files as well. I often create a shortcut to the calculator application).

Step 5: Find the file you are looking for, click OPEN

Step 6: Click ADD

To Use the Shortcut:

Step 1: On the Navigation Bar/Shortcut menu, click the shortcut

Step 2: You are in the document…edit or print as needed.