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Solutions and Services Recommended by the
CAL Business Solutions Team to Enhance Your
Dynamics GP,
Dynamics 365 BC,
or Acumatica
CAL Solutions


AA Tools by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Assist in the setup, maintenance and reporting of your Analytical Accounting data.

ACA Compliance Solution by Integrity DataGP

The smart, 360° system for Affordable Care Act Tracking and Reporting.

Account Reconciler by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Account Reconciler allows users to reconcile their bank statements—including multicurrency transactions—using the transactions that are posted to the checkbook’s general ledger account.

ActivReporter by nQativ, LLC.GP

A reporting system that gives you a comprehensive view of your accounting system at a reasonable price.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation by Nolan Business SolutionsGP

For companies with a high volume of transactions, multiple bank accounts, and/or multiple general ledger accounts, Advanced Bank Reconciliation reduces administration.

Advanced Billing by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

A complete automated revenue management system designed to handle even the most complex billing needs.

Advanced GL Close by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Advanced GL Close adds the capability to select additional segments in your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

Advanced Payment by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

Adds Credit Card, EFT/ACH payments with automatic support for dunning notices, collections and other payment notifications.

Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

A total business solution with recurring billing and revenue recognition. An easy to use, yet robust billing and payment management system to help improve your cash flow, billing accuracy, and customer service.

Advanced Smartlist by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Advanced SmartList, a solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), is a seamless extension to SmartList, a Microsoft Dynamics GP query tool and suitable for all users. Named as one of the 12 best add on solutions of 2010 for Dynamics GP by Dynamics World UK, Advanced SmartList allows users to further analyze their SmartList data.

Alert Field Service Software by FieldPoint Service Applications, Inc.GP

Combine your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems with Alert Software’s project and service software to fully integrate your business software without the risk of being left behind by technology.

AnyView Creator by Accountable SoftwareGP

Custom Smartlists for Dynamics GP and the Web

AP Invoice by GP

Ariett AP Invoice for Microsoft Dynamics GP is the web-based solution designed to automate and streamline accounts payable (AP) approval workflows, providing a centralize repository of the status of invoice approvals, with visibility controls and reporting, for resolution, accruals, compliance and workflow management.

AP Laser Checks by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

Print accounts payable MICR coded checks using blank stocks with Acumatica.

Auditor by Rockton SoftwareGP

Track data changes in Dynamics GP and other SQL data.

Auto Reconciler by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Reduce monthly bank reconciliations to minutes! In conjunction with Encore’s Account Reconciler or Microsoft Dynamics GP Bank Reconciliation, Auto Reconciler imports transactions from an external file source such as bank statements to quickly and accurately match each transaction in your checkbook.

Avalara AvaTax by AvalaraGPAC

Avalara AvaTax is the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way to manage sales tax within Microsoft Dynamics GP. The tax decision engine delivers instant address validation and sales tax calculation along with comprehensive reporting to fully automate the complex, burdensome process of sales tax management across multiple states and tax jurisdictions. Cutting-edge technologies and superior processing logic help manage the most complicated tax issues, such as situs, nexus, tax tiers, tax holidays, exemption certificate management and product taxability rules.

Avalara CertCapture by AvalaraGPAC

Limit audit exposure on non-taxed transactions with end-to-end certificate lifecycle management. The Avalara CertCapture wizard makes it simple to digitally create, process and access valid customer exemption certificates – in your ERP, at the POS register, or within an e-shopping cart. Avalara CertCapture integrates with tax decision systems such as AvaTax, and with retail POS systems and eCommerce shopping carts for easy access, renewal and reporting.

Avalara Returns by AvalaraGPAC

Avalara Returns electronically completes and files your state and local returns. File returns and remit payments on time using this single payment solution. Avalara Returns integrates seamlessly with AvaTax or utilizes collection data from other systems to handle all sales tax-related filing, reporting and payments for your business. Whether the jurisdiction requires e-filing or hard-copy returns, Avalara Returns performs the job.

AvidInvoice by AvidXchangeGPAC

AvidInvoice is an electronic invoicing solution that eliminates 100% of paper invoices from your existing Accounts Payable process within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

AvidPay by AvidXchangeGPAC

AvidPay is an electronic payment solution that facilitates 100% of payments from your existing accounts payable process within Microsoft Dynamics GP, regardless of how your vendor wants to be paid.

BI Cubes by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

CRG BI Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP—BE, Std, AM or Pro—provides you with instant access to your key information. Easy-to-use, pre-built cubes deliver analysis-ready information.

BI Reporting Platform by Accountable SoftwareGP

Reporting for Dynamics GP

BI360 by Solver, Inc.GPAC

With its complete, modern Web and Excel interfaces, BI360 gives your organization the ideal enterprise corporate performance management platform for better and faster decision-making for everything from strategy, forecasts, budgets, reports, and analysis, using comments and automated email updates so that everyone can collaborate seamlessly and stay in the loop, whether you choose to deploy on-premise or in the cloud.

Bill of Materials by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizons BOM & Production Entry module provides all the material requirement needs for daily production of small and mid-sized manufacturers operating in batch, mixed mode and discrete environments.

BizNet Broadcast by BizNet Software Inc.GPAC

Need to get the word out quickly? Generate and send reports with a few clicks with BizNetBroadcast.

BizNet Content Architect by BizNet Software Inc.GPAC

BizNet Content Architect makes you the architect, designer, and developer. An innovative complement to the BizNet Content ‘Best-of-Breed’ pre-built library, Content Architect gives you the power to design your own functions, create custom fields, and slice and dice your data any way you need it. With BizNet Content Architect, your data can be fully customized for your needs, all within Excel.

BizNet Content Pack by BizNet Software Inc.GPAC

Maximize your system's performance with BizNet Content packs.

BizNet Excel Suite by BizNet Software Inc.GPAC

The BizNet Excel Suite allows the user to read and write real time business data from an internal or hosted cloud scalable to millions of transactions.

Budget Ledger by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Budget Ledger adds a transactional method for budget management to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

CAL GP Cloud by CAL Business Solutions, Inc.GP

A simple way to run Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud. Either bring your own licenses you already own or subscribe to the software for a monthly fee.

Cash Basis Reporting by AIM TechnologiesGP

Cash Basis Reporting provides easy identification and reporting of cash transactions originating in Payables Management, Purchase Order Processing, Receivables Management, Invoicing, Sales Order Processing, Bank Reconciliation, Project Accounting, and US Payroll.

Cavallo CRM by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Module designed for sales teams to track and manage leads and opportunities, and optimize the organization of prospecting tasks for each day.

Cavallo EDI by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Cavallo EDI, powered by SPS Commerce, employs a ready-made, easy-to-use integration that seamlessly exchanges data out of and into Cavallo SalesPad for omnichannel retail operations.

Cavallo Pricing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A module that plugs into Cavallo software to allow users to modify and customize product prices.

Cavallo Purchasing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Designed to help distributors pare down their safety stock and make informed, profitability boosting stocking decisions.

Cavallo Shipping by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

An all-in-one shipping feature that supports parcel and LTL shipping methods while uniting all shipment and tracking data under one easy-to-use platform.

Changer by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Change or combine record IDs such as GL Accounts, Vendor and Customer IDs and much more.

ChargeBack Processing by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

ChargeBack Processing adds deductions management capabilities to your Dynamics GP system. This product meets the chargeback acceptance and processing needs of businesses that sell and distribute their products to the major distributors (e.g. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target), regardless of industry or product type.

Collections Management by Professional AdvantageGP

Improve cash flow, streamline your processes, and reduce bad debt with Collections Management

Commission Plan by EthoTech Inc.GP

Stop fighting with Excel Spreadsheets & meaningless reports to calculate & pay commissions, bonuses, royalties, or other types of compensation. Automate your entire commission process right inside of Dynamics GP.

CommissionCalc by Flaum Technologies Inc.GP

CommissionCalc eliminates the daunting task of computing and adjusting commissions manually — even for unique and complex plans. It saves time and ensures accuracy, thereby increasing efficiency and improving sales force morale while preventing costly overpayments.

Company Combiner by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Combine multiple company databases into a single one.

Company Data Archive (CDA) by Professional AdvantageGP

Company Data Archive (CDA) provides an easy way to move historical information from your 'live' company to an 'archive' company. Archiving your data will reduce the size of your live company database and improve system performance while posting, running reports, performing file maintenance, and day-to-day use of Dynamics GP.

Comprehensive Leave Manager by Integrity DataGP

Create and manage unlimited types of leave in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Container Management by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Container Management adds functionality for importers, including manifest entry and vessel tracking. This product meets the needs of business that track the purchase and receipt of imported inventory items.

Cost Allocator by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Perform multi-level, account-to-account, step-down cost allocations by percentage, value or any relevant cost drivers.

Credit Card Advantage – Credit Card/eCheck Processing for GP by Nodus Technologies, Inc.GP

Nodus Credit Card Advantage processes credit cards and ACH/echecks directly inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Credit Card Processing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Module that extends users’ selling capabilities to include all their credit card processing needs, including EMV, card-not-present, cash receipt transactions, and more.

CRM Charge – Credit Card/eCheck Processing for CRM by Nodus Technologies, Inc.GP

CRM Charge allows users to process credit cards and electronic checks/ACH directly from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have those payments verified in real-time without leaving the CRM environment. Processing payments and transactions through its web-based design is fast, secure, and reliable.

Currency Load by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

Automatically import currency rates

Customer & Order Manager by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Cavallo’s on-premises operating module that adds power and precision to your customer and order activities, with features designed specifically for distributors’ unique operational needs. T

Customer Portal by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A B2B sales portal where your customers can order products for themselves.

Customer Service Collection by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

EthoTech Customer Service Collection will literally increase your efficiency overnight, save your company up to $125,000 per year, and insure that you’re providing a superior level of Customer Service.

Cyber Recruiter by Visibility SoftwareGP

Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software is a full life cycle recruiting management solution that automates the entire hiring process to fill open positions faster and more efficiently.

Cyber Train by Visibility SoftwareGP

Track employee and non-employee training requirements, current enrollments, certification tracks and multi-course programs easily.

deFacto Performance Management by deFacto Global, Inc.GP

deFacto Performance Management is a next generation, enterprise-quality Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system used by mid-sized and global companies. Our award-winning CPM software offers the full range of features needed to satisfy even the most demanding users, yet it’s easy to learn and use - and it’s affordable.

Deluxe Accessories by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Keep your business running smoothly with these handy accessories for small businesses.

Deluxe Business Cards / Stationary by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Wide variety of special packages designed to save you time and money. Choose the one that meets your needs.

Deluxe Computer Checks by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

The most complete selection of computer checks for your small business. 100% compatible with today's most popular accounting software.

Deluxe Computer Forms by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Run your small business more efficiently with computer forms designed to work with your printer and your accounting software.

Deluxe Deposit Products by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Make sure your deposits process quickly, accurately and safely with our guaranteed ICR (Image Character Recognition) compatible, deposit tickets and sturdy deposit bags.

Deluxe Envelopes by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Save time with compatible envelopes. Available in double or single window formats; security lined for confidentiality. Self-sealing and recycled envelopes, too!

Deluxe Labels by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Personalized labels let you make a positive impression that sticks with your customers!

Deluxe Manual Checks by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

With the largest selection of styles and colors anywhere, you’re sure to find the check to meet your business needs!

Deluxe Manual Forms by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Write up a sale, send an invoice, or submit a change order quickly and easily with our complete selection of professional-looking manual forms.

Deluxe One-Write Systems by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Simplify your record-keeping with One-Writes: write a check, make a journal entry automatically thanks to the clear transfer strip on the back of each check.

Deluxe Stamps by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Pre-inked and self-inking stamps make quick work of time-consuming office tasks with stamps. Provides thousands of no-mess, quality impressions.

Deluxe Tax Forms by Deluxe Business ChecksGP

Our computer IRS-approved tax forms work with 100% of today's popular accounting software programs. Guaranteed to be in stock or your money back - even at tax time!

DexSplicity by DexSplicityGPAC

DexSplicity is the Excel Add-in financial report writer you have always wanted. • Use your Excel skills and Excel formatting you know and love • Report on any data (financial, statistical, customer, operational) • Filter and slice on different dimensions and hierarchies on the fly • Customize your drilldown into any report value

Disassembly BOM by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Disassembly BOM adds functionality for disassembly finished goods and returning components back to stock, with options for components and quantities. This product meets the needs of businesses that return previously assembled components to stock.

DocLink by Altec Inc.GPBCAC

Altec’s doc-link™ for Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica is a document management and workflow solution designed to address such paper intensive processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and sales order processing. doc-link electronically captures, workflows, routes and archives business documents and reports to reduce handling costs and improve communication.

DocuPhase by DocuPhaseGPAC

Driving innovation with information, our platform includes Document Management, Web Forms, Process Design and Automation, Analytics, and Management tools that seamlessly integrate into your existing business applications and programs. As your foundation for transforming and automating your processes, DocuPhase dramatically improves productivity, reduces labor, and ensures security and compliance.

Dynamic Alerts by Ei Dynamics, Inc.GP

Dynamic Alerts is an alerting system designed to intelligently monitor data across Microsoft Dynamics and the entire enterprise regardless of other databases or systems.You can distribute alerts not only via email but also fax, ftp, printer, text message, web and Twitter Dynamic Alerts constantly monitors data based on straightforward user defined business rules and sends out notifications.

Dynamic BPM by Ei Dynamics, Inc.GP

Dynamic BPM is a workflow engine that will allow you to set-up approval processes for adding vendors, projects, accounts, customers etc. as well as self-service portals for customers. Vendors, employees, etc.

Dynamic Budgets by Dynamic BudgetsGPBCAC

Replace Forecaster and Spreadsheets with a More Intuitive, Easier Tool.

Dynamic GP Toolbox by Rockton SoftwareGP

A collection of tools that improve the Microsoft Dynamics GP experience.

Dynamic Reports by Ei Dynamics, Inc.GP

Dynamic Reports is a report automation solution that allows companies to intelligently schedule generate and distribute common enterprise reports. This can be done internally (management reports) or externally (customer statements). With Dynamic Reports users no longer need to manually login to their accounting or business system to run key Crystal to RSS reports.

Dynamics Report Manager by Rockton SoftwareGP

Any report, anytime, anywhere.

E-Commerce Growth Engine (EGE) by i95DevGP

The E-Commerce Growth Engine is an out-of-the-box, bundled multichannel e-commerce solution based on the Magento e-commerce cart that seamlessly integrates – in real-time – a businesses’ front-end e-commerce channels (webstore, marketplaces, mobile & social) with its Microsoft Dynamics (GP, CRM), as well as other back-office applications.

Easy e-Bank Rec by GPC Systems, Inc.GP

Easy e-Bank Rec is a bank reconciliation product used in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Bank reconciliations take just minutes to process, regardless of transaction volume. Automatically book transactions in GP with the bank statement import. Do away with manual matching. Automatically mark reconciled items. Reconcile the GL to the bank balance

EFT Manager by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

The EFT Manager enables EFT banking with Canadian and UK financial institutions such as HSBC, Laurentian Bank, Scotiabank and more. CPA 005, HSBC Net and BACS formats are supported within this product.

Electronic Signatures for D365 Business Central by MekormaBC

Make check runs quick & easy - print payables with automated electronic signatures based on check payment amount

eMailer Manager by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Made for companies who need an emailing and faxing solution that is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP, the eMailer Manager enables you to send and print SOP documents, POP documents, EFT AP remittances, Payroll remittances, Project Accounting invoices, SRS Reports, and Crystal Reports via Outlook using Adobe PDF or novaPDF. With easy set-up and usability, this product currently supports over 1,000 GP users.

emPerform by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Includes on-line employee appraisals, 360 multi-rater reviews, goal planning, competency assessment, succession planning, compensation management, employee surveys, reporting and dashboards.

Employee Accounts and Splits by Integrity DataGP

Easily manage complex payroll posting requirements in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Employee E-Mail Suite by Integrity DataGP

Automatically and securely e-mail direct deposit earnings statements, W-2s and 1095-Cs to your employees.

Engineering Change Order by Horizons International, Inc.GP

The Horizons Engineering Change Order module, available for both Dynamics GP BE and AM (Std or Pro if on older versions of GP), allows the end user to effectively manage and track version level changes to Bills of Material and components, including item content changes, quantity changes and approved alternates.

Enhanced Retirement Plans by Integrity DataGP

Automate and enforce the relationship between employee contributions and company matches across retirement plans Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Enhanced Voucher Selection by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Enhanced Voucher Selection provides a robust method for voucher selection in Payables Management.

ePay Advantage – Online Bill Pay by Nodus Technologies, Inc.GP

ePay Advantage offers the latest online bill presentment and payment technology for enterprises that want to provide their customers with the convenience of online billing and payment collection. Nodus’ online bill pay solution allows customers to view their open invoices and pay them with a credit card or an electronic check. ePay integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP & AX to automate billing processes and provide real-time payment processing.

eProphet Business Analysis by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

A complete, Business Intelligence Suite for Acumatica.

eRequest by Nolan Business SolutionsGP

Web based procurement management system for Dynamics GP.

eStore Solution Stack – eCommerce for GP by Nodus Technologies, Inc.GP

With online commerce growing at a rapid pace, streamlined business processes, automated order processing and integration with your ERP is a must. Understanding the value of process automation, Nodus has developed the eStore Solution Stack, a fully featured e-commerce webstore, electronic payment processing engine, and powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Exchange Rate Import by GP

The Olympic Exchange Rate Import uses advanced .Net technology to automatically add currency exchange rates to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Dynamics database.

Extender by eOne SolutionsGP

eXtender allows users to build complete custom applications without writing a single line of code!

Fidesic AP Processing by Enliven SoftwareGP

Fidesic ePayables allows mid-size companies to take the entire accounts payable process paperless, save time by automatically capturing invoice data, electronically routing invoices for approval, importing invoices into GP with ZERO data entry, and by giving your vendors an easy secure way to receive ACH payments.

Fidesic AR Processing by Enliven SoftwareGP

Fidesic integrates seamlessly with Dynamics GP to automate the receiving process and improve access to your working capital by streamlining the AR cycle electronically. Fidesic enables you to send electronic notifications to your customer and gives your customer access to a powerful customer account center where they can review invoices, and schedule payments.

Fidesic For Franchises by Enliven SoftwareGP

Fidesic for Franchise Organizations is designed to make your business run smoother, keep your franchisees happy, and let your company grow without expanding your accounting department. Invoicing, sending statements, and accepting payments are all handled through a single system allowing great visibility into your current AR status.

Flex ABM by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Enterprise ABC/M solution that identifies the true costs of activities and the profitability of products and clients.

Flexicoder by eOne SolutionsGP

Flexicoder automatically recodes General Ledger distributions within the Sales Order Processing, Receivables Management and Returns Management modules. It is the perfect solution for large distribution firms with a complex General Ledger structure.

Forms Printer by Accountable SoftwareGP

Reporting Integration for Dynamics GP

Fraxion e (formerly eRequester) by FraxionGP

Fraxion e (formerly eRequester) simplifies and streamlines spend management. On-premise or hosted, the solution gives you the tools to control and optimize business spend with accountability and ease. Choose from standalone software or integrate Fraxion e with your accounting system/ERP.

Freight Matrix by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Freight Matrix adds freight charge schedule management capabilities to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This product meets the needs of any business that charges freight based on order totals or shipping weight, for specific shipping zones and methods.

FTE Manager by Integrity DataGP

Budget and manage FTEs by fiscal year, department, and position in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Greenshades Benefits Enrollment (including ACA) by Greenshades SoftwareGP

Create rules-based benefits packages that employees can manage electronically. Track and report compliance for the Affordable Care Act.

Greenshades Center by Greenshades SoftwareGP

The Greenshades Center is a complete software solution for e-filing tax and non-tax information. After pulling information from a supported accounting package, Greenshades will create e-files (or magnetic media) suitable for filing to local, state, or federal agencies.

Greenshades Dynamics Payroll Inspector by Greenshades SoftwareGP

Track compliance for the Affordable Care Act and sick leave, update local tax rates, and verifiy employee addresses and SSNs.

Greenshades Online Employee Services by Greenshades SoftwareGP

Greenshades hosted website that empowers your employees without the IT hassle. Displays paystubs and W-2s and allows self-service timesheets, profile changes, and more.

Greenshades Online Payroll Tax Service by Greenshades SoftwareGP

Greenshades Online Payroll Tax Service makes payroll taxes quick and painless. We will file all returns, calculate optimal deposit schedules and transfer payments directly from your accounts. This is the easiest way to handle your payroll taxes.

HazMat by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

HazMat adds the capability to associate hazardous inventory items with the official Department of Transportation (DOT) CFR Table 172.101.

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) is composed of a series of modules that enable manufacturing scalability where one can begin by using the Bill of Materials and Production Entry and scale up in use as situations demand.

Infinia Integrator AP by Infinia IntegratorGP

Companies compile many types of transactions outside of their accounting software and that can not be easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now those Accounts Payable (AP) transactions can easily be imported from Microsoft® Excel and into Dynamics GP with a simple Copy-Paste-Import. Select the company, choose the batch, and paste. The AP transactions are immediately fully validated before being imported into Dynamics GP. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.

Infinia Integrator AR by Infinia IntegratorGP

Companies today compile many types of transactions outside of their accounting software that cannot be easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now those Accounts Receivable (AR) transactions, including invoices, can be easily imported from Microsoft® Excel and into Dynamics GP with a simple Copy - Paste - Import. Select the company, choose the batch, and paste. The AR transactions are immediately fully validated before being imported into Dynamics GP. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.

Infinia Integrator GL by Infinia IntegratorGP

Financial professionals use Microsoft Excel every day to create complex schedules and General Ledger (GL) journal entries. Now those journal entries can easily be imported into Microsoft Dynamics GP with a simple Copy - Paste - Import. Select the company, enter the date, choose the batch, and paste. The journal entries are fully validated before being imported in Dynamics GP. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.

Infinia Integrator PR by Infinia IntegratorGP

Companies today compile many types of transactions outside of their accounting software that can not be easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP from Microsoft® Excel. Now those Payroll (PR) transactions, including Pay Codes, Deductions, and Benefits, can easily be imported into Dynamics GP with a simple Copy-Paste-Import. Select the company, choose the batch, and paste. The PR transactions are immediately fully validated before being imported into Dynamics GP. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.

InfinityHR by Infinity SoftwareAC

InfinityHR provides the most complete and affordable web-based human capital management solution with certified integration to Acumatica.

InterCompany AR Cash Receipts by Nolan Business SolutionsGP

Apply Cash Receipts to invoices in other GP databases.

Intercompany Bridge (NEW!) by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Streamline your business by automating intercompany transactions between your GP databases.

InterCompany POP to SOP by Nolan Business SolutionsGP

InterCompany POP to SOP allows for the creation of Intercompany Trading Relationships. It is ideal for related companies that buy and sell inventory items between GP databases.

InterCompany Postings by Nolan Business SolutionsGP

Automatically creates balanced entries between companies and/or between fund accounts.

Internal Sales Distribution by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Binary Stream’s Internal Sales Distribution tracks and monitors internal sales distributions for organizations with multiple locations or sites that process intercompany transactions.

Inventory Manager by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A Windows® Mobile- or iOS®-enabled barcode data collection application, Inventory Manager integrates with Microsoft® Dynamics GP.

Invoice Cloud by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Invoice Cloud provides electronic invoice presentment and processing with a secure, PCI complaint, web-based infrastructure branded for each billing entity. With Invoice Cloud for Dynamics GP, billers save money and speed up cash flow by seamlessly and securely moving from paper invoices and checks to electronic bills and payments.

Invoice Processing by MekormaGP

Invoice Automation Software for Dynamics GP

InvoiceAction by Artsyl Technologies, Inc.GPAC

InvoiceAction delivers greater visibility and control over AP invoice processing by automating invoice processing, data entry, approval routing and payables transaction data entry. Transform your AP invoice process from a cost center to a strategic component of your finance operations to drive greater cost savings and optimal cash flow.

Item Pricing Matrix by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Item Price Matrix (IPM) is an advanced pricing schedule system for Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing, designed to enhance the current pricing schedule.

Jet Analytics (formerly Jet Enterprise) by Jet GlobalGP

Corporate BI and Reporting, Anywhere with Jet Analytics

Jet Basics by Jet GlobalGP

An extension included with Microsoft Dynamics GP gives users a simple way to create basic reports and business queries inside Excel.

Jet Budgets by Jet GlobalGP

Finally Get Control, Expedite, and Streamline the Microsoft Dynamics Fiscal Planning Process with Jet Budgets

Jet Reports (formerly Jet Professional) by Jet GlobalGP

Fast, Flexible Financial and Business Reporting Inside of Excel with Jet Reports

JewelShop by InfoSourcing, Inc.AC

A complete business software that handles all aspects of your jewelry business. We provide jewelry software for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and refineries.

K.ecom by k-eCommerceGPBCAC

Unleash the full potential of your ERP and power up your business. Provide B2B, D2C, and B2C customers with an unparalleled shopping and self-service experience.

KIP by k-eCommerceGPBC

An ERP‑integrated payment solution for Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central

KwikTag by ImageTag, Inc.GP

KwikTag delivers embedded document capture and retrieval plus automated routing and approval within Microsoft Dynamics GP and via SharePoint, email or KwikTag’s Web interface for non-Dynamics users. KwikTag’s extensible architecture easily document-enables any business process or application for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Liaison Collector by Liaison Software CorporationGPBCAC

Liaison Collector is an automated Collections Manager that automatically sends AR Statements the day your customer(s) become past-due.

Life Insurance Tax Calculator by Integrity DataGP

Automatically calculate the tax on the imputed income of an employer’s Group Term Life Insurance benefit in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Linker Series by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Consolidate customer (AR) and vendor (AP) balances.

m-hance Bank Management by m-hance LimitedGP

Bank reconciliation is a necessary task for most businesses; however as a manual process it can often become time-consuming and frustrating. m-hance Bank Management is fully automated, simplifying your Bank Reconciliation process and allowing your finance team to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

m-hance Purchase Management by m-hance LimitedGP

m-hance Purchase Management is a flexible, end-to-end solution that enables you to gain visibility and insight into your organizations’ spend; reduce maverick buying and increase efficiency of the whole purchasing process.

Magento-GP Connect by i95DevGP

i95Dev GP Connect allows businesses to increase efficiency and productivity by only updating information in one system instead of individually entering the information into each system. Dynamics Connect integrates the Magento store with Microsoft Dynamics GP to instantly update information in all systems at the same time.

Master Production Scheduling by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) allows for scheduling based on single items or item ranges, classes or manufacturing groups. This module also features a summarized view of all finished goods at once and quantities affecting them with drill down to detail.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizons MRP module extends the inventory planning and control tools, reports and inquiries that are provided in the Bill of Material/Production Entry module.

Matrix Inventory by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

Matrix Inventory works for a wide variety of product families and attributes such as size/color/style, or pattern/color/width, etc.

Mercury by HSalim & Co. IncGP

Mercury makes data analysis and reporting a simple, hassle-free habit in your organization. Mercury gives you faster, data-driven answers. You can run huge data sets in minutes, analyze and modify your reports in real-time, and access all of your reports instantly within a single dashboard.

Merger Series by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Consolidate SOP documents such as customer orders and invoices

MetaViewer by Metafile Information Systems, Inc.GP

MetaViewer for Microsoft Dynamics will enhance your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution by adding integrated eInvoicing, workflow, and document imaging. MetaViewer combined with Microsoft Dynamics will automate your entire Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes. View all the associated documents and reports from within your Microsoft application. Call Microsoft Dynamics and be presented with the exact transaction in the application with a click of a button from within MetaViewer. Automatically post GL coding data from the invoice directly to Microsoft Dynamics with no data entry or errors.

Mid Pay Period Rate Changes by Integrity DataGP

Manage pay rate changes that take effect in the middle of a pay period in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Mobile Workflows by MekormaGP

Remote Invoice and Vendor Approvals with Dynamics GP

Multi Product Production (MPP) by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Multi Product Production (MPP) is designed for organizations that routinely build multiple finished goods from multiple components with one manufacturing work order.

Multi-Entity Management by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Multi-Entity Management (MEM) from award-winning, Microsoft Gold-certified Binary Stream does what no other solution can – it allows Microsoft Dynamics GP users to manage any number of corporate entities within a single company database.

MyTripNet by GP

Ariett MyTripNet provides a low cost workflow solution for organizations looking to control travel and expenses through pre-trip approval. As a web-based solution, MyTripNet reduces the necessity of booking travel at a higher fare class in order to hold a ticket while waiting to receive approval. MyTripNet also enforces policies and a business review helping to reduce booked travel costs that results in unused tickets.

National Accounts for Payables by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Binary Stream’s National Accounts for Payables is the only Dexterity-based product that allows Microsoft Dynamics GP users to create parent and child vendor relationships, allowing you to consolidate and streamline your vendor payments.

nChannel Platform by nChannelGP

nChannel provides a simple, cloud-based platform that helps companies centralize sales operations across any number of eCommerce, Point of Sale, and business systems.

Negative Deductions Enhancement by Integrity DataGP

Easily correct over-withheld deductions in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Negative Payroll Transactions by Integrity DataGP

In one step, make payroll corrections and adjustments in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Netstock by NetstockAC

Make better inventory decisions with Netstock's intuitive, cloud based, inventory management software.

Next Numeric Collection by EthoTech Inc.GP

Auto-generate your master record IDs (i.e. Customers, Vendors, Items, Fixed Assets, etc.); as well as transaction batch IDs.

Node Builder by eOne SolutionsGP

Node Builder is the only way to build custom eConnect nodes – without writing code. It provides a simple user interface that allows consultants, instead of developers, to build nodes or generic stored procedures. Coupled with SmartConnect, Node Builder gives you endless integration possibilities.

Omni Price by Rockton SoftwareGP

The magical slice-and-dice-your-price device.

Operations Core by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Designed to help your back office work more effectively with your warehouse, improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Overtime Hours Rules by Integrity DataGP

Enforce overtime rules and limits automatically in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

PairSoft (formerly PaperSave) by PairSoftGP

PairSoft is a complete document management software, which offers out of the box seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics . The PairSoft approach allows you to open up any source record or transaction and have one click access to supporting documents.

PanatrackerGP and Mobile Hardware by Panatrack, Inc.GP

PanatrackerGP operates on mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners running the Android Operating System. Supported hardware from leading manufacturers including Zebra, Datalogic, Custom Americas, Nautiz, and Honeywell can be purchased through Panatrack at competitive pricing. If you decide to purchase hardware through an alternate source, it is important to confirm the model and configuration to confirm compatibility. Last generation device running the Windows Mobile OS may run the legacy version of PanatrackerGP, please consult with your sales person to see if your existing hardware is compatible.

PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset Tracking by Panatrack, Inc.GP

PanatrackerGP adds mobile data capture for Dynamics GP for Fixed Asset Tracking. Transactions supported include Add/Receive New Assets, Update Asset, and Validate Asset.

PanatrackerGP Inventory Solutions by Panatrack, Inc.GP

PanatrackerGP adds mobile data capture for Dynamics GP for inventory management. Transactions supported include Receiving, Transfers, Stock Count, Order Fulfillment, Assembly, Vendor Returns, Project Accounting Transfer, and Container Tracking.

Paycheck “What If” Calculator by Integrity DataGP

Perform hypothetical net pay or gross-up calculations in seconds in Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

PayFabric – Cloud-Based Payment Processing by Nodus Technologies, Inc.GP

PayFabric ® is a cloud-based payment acceptance engine and storage hub that can be integrated with any application, platform, and back office environment with ease and simplicity.

PayLink- One Click Payment in GP by Nodus Technologies, Inc.GP

A fast, secure and convenient way to accept electronic payments via Credit Card or eCheck without PCI Challenges. A simple way to integrate electronic payment acceptance into any application.

Payment Hub Classic by MekormaGP

Manage your entire AP process in one comprehensive platform.

Payment Hub Optimized by MekormaGP

Manage your entire AP process in one comprehensive platform. Also includes functionality to outsource your vendor payments, mobile payment approvals and Multi-Entity Check Printing in Dynamics GP.

Planning Maestro by Centage CorporationGPAC

Planning Maestro, empowers you to make faster, more informed decisions, so you can react quickly to market changes, take calculated risks, and capitalize on new opportunities.

Popdock by eOne SolutionsGP

Popdock allows you to bring all your Dynamics GP data together to get the detail you need without waiting on IT. With the full SmartList suite included in the Popdock plans you have all the SmartList-level flexibility in Popdock, but for all your apps.

Printshop by InfoSourcing, Inc.AC

Acumatica PrintShop manages all your print and Embroidery jobs for promotional products and apparel industry, with PrintShop we can process your print jobs from quotation to print production, handle all daily inventory management, shipping, and job setup screens/data, all integrated with your CRM, Accounts Payable and Receivable all across the job.

Project Tracking Budgeting by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Project Tracking Budgeting, a companion solution to Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, allows you to revise and massage project budget figures using multiple variable groupings customized to your business.

Project Tracking Importer by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Project Tracking Importer is an additional module used to bring outside information into Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics. With Project Tracking Importer you can import data from a variety of different sources. Project Tracking Importer is useful for companies that create their projects in an outside sales system or other system.

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This integration leverages existing setup and workflow resulting in an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain connection between company financials and project activities. It also dramatically reduces time spent installing, configuring and learning how to properly oversee, analyze and evaluate your business.

Prophix by Prophix SoftwareGPAC

Prophix is a complete corporate performance management (CPM) solution for Dynamics GP and Acumatica, that automates your critical financial processes, helping to improve profitability while minimizing risk. The innovative system integrates extensive budgeting and planning, reporting and analytics, forecasting, financial consolidation and close, and workflows to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Purchase to Pay by AvidXchangeGP

A leading end-to-end spend management platform, delivering improved visibility and control over expenses with paperless invoicing, automated purchase requests, and integrated electronic payments.

Quality Essentials Suite by Horizons International, Inc.GP

The Horizons Quality Management System integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and the Horizons Manufacturing Suite to support manufacturers in collecting and measuring their quality control data in real time throughout their manufacturing operations.

QualityCount by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

QualityCount adds the most robust physical inventory functionality available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, providing a detailed, controlled methodology with full tag control. This product meets the needs of businesses that demand high quality material control and auditing.

QVision Adhoc Query Tool by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

Data exploration & querying tool for Acumatica.

Re-Formatter by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Change or combine record IDs such as GL Accounts, Vendor and Customer IDs and much more.

Remote Payment Services by MekormaBC

Outsource your vendor payments from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

REPAY by REPAY (formerly APS Payments)AC

REPAY is an all-in-one processor that offers flexible and integrated payment solutions for every business.

ReqNet by GP

The leading web-based solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, allows you to quickly streamline and automate purchase requests with flexible multi-tiered approval routes, and routing and approval by budget status.

Returns Tracker by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Powerful customer service module that ensures customer issues are followed through from start to finish.

Reverser by Corporate Renaissance GroupGP

Convert GL account segment values to transaction dimension codes.

Rockton Exchange Rate Import by Rockton SoftwareGP

Automatically Update Currency Exchange Rates on a Daily Basis

Rockton Pricing Management by Rockton SoftwareGPBCAC

The most flexible, powerful, multi-platform pricing solution ever available

Rockton Project Cost by Rockton SoftwareGP

Intuitive Cost Management for Dynamics GP

Router by Horizons International, Inc.GP

HMS Router provides costing support for batch, mixed mode and discrete manufacturing allowing the organizing and automating of the production work order into steps.

Sales Configurator by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizon's Configurator is designed to link to the Sales Order, Purchase Order and Inventory modules (for the distribution industry) and Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) (for the make-to-order manufacturers)

Sales Configurator by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Sales Configurator adds the ability to create and sell customer-specific configurations. This product meets the needs of businesses that sell products with customer-selected product options.

Sales Document Consolidation by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Sales Document Consolidation increases user productivity and customer responsiveness by combining multiple sales documents into one based on user defined criteria. Providing you with the ability to both merge and recover previously merged documents, this solution can significantly reduce document processing costs.

Sales Document Splitting by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Sales Document Splitting improves sales order processing efficiency by splitting sales documents such as invoices by criteria driven by your customers. Instead of re-creating multiple invoices for one customer, invoices can be split into many.

Sales Order Processing Import by Nolan Business SolutionsGP

SOP Import allows Orders, Invoices and Returns to be imported from external sources into the SOP module of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Serial & Lot Control by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Serial and Lot control - with the ability to trace components through the parent item.

Serial Number Edit by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

Serial Number Edit adds advanced serial number entry/edit capabilities to your Microsoft Dynamics GP System. This product meets the serial number entry and editing needs of a wide variety of businesses.

ShipGear by V-TechnologiesGPAC

From order to shipment to delivery, ShipGear bridges the information gaps to make you more efficient, reduce errors and improve customer service.

Shop Floor Control by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Shop Floor Control provides various work center and capacity planning tools.

SmartConnect by eOne SolutionsGP

SmartConnect provides a very simple drag and drop interface to make all software integrations and process automation easy. Create any type of record in Microsoft Dynamics GP or CRM from any source of data without a single line of code.

SmartFill by Rockton SoftwareGP

The google-style data entry search tool.

SmartPost by eOne SolutionsGP

SmartPost takes the pain out of the posting process in Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is a “set up and forget” application that makes working with GP a whole lot better. Define batches to be posted, when to post them, and to whom the posting reports should be emailed.

SmartSort by EthoTech Inc.GP

EthoTech SmartSort speeds up your inquiries — and your data entry — by eliminating as many as 3 mouse clicks per lookup.

SOP Auto Invoice by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

SOP Auto Invoice adds automatic sales transfer, invoice printing and posting to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

SOP Auto-Fulfillment by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

SOP Auto-Fulfillment allows Microsoft Dynamics GP users who do not use the SOP-to-POP link to automatically fulfill partial sales orders by linking these sales to the relevant purchase orders based on a sales order priority set by the user. This solution also allows client specific reserved inventory for forecast purchasing.

SOP to BOM Link by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

SOP to BOM Link adds the ability to associate sales documents and assembly orders, providing for automatic allocation and fulfillment of sales order lines.

StarShip by V-TechnologiesGPAC

The StarShip platform supports parcel and freight from the same user interface while providing numerous enhancements that improve productivity for the warehouse, front office and management

Subscription Billing (formerly Recurring Contract Billing) by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Subscription Billing will help organizations who require repetitive billing for their products and services and convenient billing and payment options to automate and manage cyclical invoicing. Contracts are created in this module and can be sent directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing for billing purposes.

Subscription Billing Importer (formely Recurring Contract Billing Importer) by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Subscription Billing Importer, an additional module for Encore’s Subscription Billing solution, allows users to import existing contract information from an external system.

Subscriptions Management by MaxQ TechnologiesAC

Powerful Subscriptions Management for Acumatica.

Tax Distribution by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Tax Distribution (formerly referred to as GST/PST Distribution) enables organizations to easily maintain accurate records of refundable tax amounts for all business transactions within Microsoft Dynamics GP including HST, GST and PST. Tax Distribution complies with the new Canadian Tax, Harmonized Sales Tax which replaces the federal goods and services tax and the provincial sales tax in some provinces.

The Closer by Reporting CentralGP

The Closer for Microsoft Dynamics GP® is the only tool that automates the process of reconciling the Sub-Ledgers to the General Ledger.

The Validator1099 by Reporting CentralGP

The Validator1099 is the only solution built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP® that automates the process of validating TIN’s for expedited and accurate 1099 processing.

The ValidatorGP by Reporting CentralGP

The ValidatorGP is a 100 point inspection for your Dynamics GP system, it’s all about prevention. The ValidatorGP is the only tool for “validating” your System Set-up and Master Data Files in Dynamics GP.

TitaniumGP by TitaniumGPGP

TitaniumGP is an affordable productivity suite consisting of time reducing and frustration eliminating tools designed to help Microsoft Dynamics GP users become more productive by reducing manual tasks and enhancing the flexibility of Dynamics GP. TitaniumGP has been designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Regardless of industry and company size, TitaniumGP empowers Dynamics GP users to work more productively with easy to use functionality that helps eliminate manual and error-prone tasks.

TrueCommerce EDI by HighJump SoftwareGP

The TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group of HighJump Software offers an EDI Platform that is affordable, easy to set up and use, and scales seamlessly as your needs grow.

U-LINC Workflow & Alerts by Integrity DataGP

Comprehensive workflow and alert capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics®, allowing you to automate your business processes – from simple to complex – and create real-time alerts. U-LINC puts you in control of your business needs.

UpBeat by Professional AdvantageGP

UpBeat is a membership relationship management solution for member-based organizations such as professional associations, sports clubs, not for profit organizations, government bodies and trade unions. It provides the tools to manage and maximize the myriad of relationships your organization maintains with members, supporters, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Velixo Reports by VelixoAC

Velixo Reports is an Excel-based reporting tool that was built from the ground up for Acumatica, by Acumatica Experts. Velixo Reports adds a new toolbar to Excel and more than 60 functions specially designed to work with General Ledger, Project Data and Generic Inquiries.

Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Take full advantage of vendor contract pricing and rebates. By enabling users to streamline contract and rebate management you can ensure full recognition of discounts on POs and efficiently process rebates from suppliers. Automate the selection of optimal vendor pricing.

Withoutwire (WoW) Warehouse Management System (WMS) by WithoutWire Inventory SciencesGP

WithoutWire Warehouse is a full-featured WMS solution from Appolis Mobile Business Solutions that utilizes the latest development technology from Microsoft to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, process the associated transactions, and provide real-time and web-based visibility about the status of goods in the warehouse. Automation of warehouse processes via WithoutWire WMS delivers value and return on investment justification to the client via efficiencies gained in both inventory and labor optimization.

Workflow & Profit Manager by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Spend less time on tedious, repeated tasks and more time getting back to the parts of business that matter. Workflow and Profit Manager module connects to Cavallo’s on-premises and cloud solutions, and is designed to radically expand your gross margin by allowing users to manage order-level pricing and profitability at scale.

Xpense by GP

Ariett Xpense is easy to use and provides the most complete and flexible solution for expense reporting management. Ariett Xpense is a web-based application that streamlines the entire process of employee business expenses from travel approval to expense submission.

ZipAssist by Accountable SoftwareGP

Address Verification for Dynamics GP