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Solutions and Services Recommended by the
CAL Business Solutions Team to Enhance Your
Dynamics GP,
Dynamics 365 BC,
or Acumatica
CAL Solutions


AcuWorkorder by Information Integration Group, Inc. (IIG)AC

Embedded work order management solution for Acumatica ERP.

Bill of Materials by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizons BOM & Production Entry module provides all the material requirement needs for daily production of small and mid-sized manufacturers operating in batch, mixed mode and discrete environments.

BSI EDI Supply Chain Management Suite by Business Systems Integrators, LLC (BSI)GP

The BSI EDI Suite provides an adapter with full integration between Microsoft Dynamics and trading partners (i.e. customers, suppliers, 3rd party warehouse locations).

Cavallo CRM by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Module designed for sales teams to track and manage leads and opportunities, and optimize the organization of prospecting tasks for each day.

Cavallo EDI by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Cavallo EDI, powered by SPS Commerce, employs a ready-made, easy-to-use integration that seamlessly exchanges data out of and into Cavallo SalesPad for omnichannel retail operations.

Cavallo Pricing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A module that plugs into Cavallo software to allow users to modify and customize product prices.

Cavallo Purchasing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Designed to help distributors pare down their safety stock and make informed, profitability boosting stocking decisions.

Cavallo Shipping by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

An all-in-one shipping feature that supports parcel and LTL shipping methods while uniting all shipment and tracking data under one easy-to-use platform.

Credit Card Processing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Module that extends users’ selling capabilities to include all their credit card processing needs, including EMV, card-not-present, cash receipt transactions, and more.

Customer Portal by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A B2B sales portal where your customers can order products for themselves.

Demand Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

Demand Planning combines multiple forecasting and planning methods to create best-fit forecasts.

DiIntegrator by DiCentralGP

DiIntegrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP is an advanced, cost–effective, hosted solution, to instantly become EDI compliant with your trading partner community, and to seamlessly integrate data with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

E-Commerce Growth Engine (EGE) by i95DevGP

The E-Commerce Growth Engine is an out-of-the-box, bundled multichannel e-commerce solution based on the Magento e-commerce cart that seamlessly integrates – in real-time – a businesses’ front-end e-commerce channels (webstore, marketplaces, mobile & social) with its Microsoft Dynamics (GP, CRM), as well as other back-office applications.

Engineering Change Order by Horizons International, Inc.GP

The Horizons Engineering Change Order module, available for both Dynamics GP BE and AM (Std or Pro if on older versions of GP), allows the end user to effectively manage and track version level changes to Bills of Material and components, including item content changes, quantity changes and approved alternates.

Fusion Shop Floor Data Collection by Fusion SoftwareAC

FusionWMS (Advanced) by Fusion SoftwareAC

FusionWMS Advanced builds on the Core product and is designed for more complex warehouse environments that need functionality usually reserved for independent Warehouse Management Applications.

FusionWMS (Core) by Fusion SoftwareAC

FusionWMS Core delivers essential warehouse management functionality to anyone who manages inventory. Built into the Acumatica framework, FusionWMS has no external database and requires no sync. It simplifies, streamlines, and enhances standard Acumatica functionality and extends it to handheld devices in the warehouse.

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) is composed of a series of modules that enable manufacturing scalability where one can begin by using the Bill of Materials and Production Entry and scale up in use as situations demand.

Inventory I/O Control by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Inventory I/O Control is an enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics GP Bill of Materials module. Accounting for secondary items commonly referred to as by-products or co-products is often overlooked for reasons such as inconsistent output quantities, sub-standard grade or quality; or systems lacking the functionality and capability to handle one to many relationships. Inventory I/O Control gives Inventory Managers flexibility to monitor and control inventory levels and flow.

Inventory Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

Inventory Planning is a decision support tool for management and purchasing agents that performs inventory simulation, including ABC analysis and performance monitoring.

Item Pricing Matrix by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Item Price Matrix (IPM) is an advanced pricing schedule system for Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing, designed to enhance the current pricing schedule.

K.ecom by k-eCommerceGPBCAC

Unleash the full potential of your ERP and power up your business. Provide B2B, D2C, and B2C customers with an unparalleled shopping and self-service experience.

Liaison Messenger EDD Plus by Liaison Software CorporationGPBCAC

Extend the workflow capabilities of Liaison Messenger EDD with PLUS. Automatically trigger SSRS and Crystal Reports, with fields from printed forms, passed as parameters/arguments. Add QR Codes to any form. Enable 2-Factor Authentication for extra emailed security.

Magento-GP Connect by i95DevGP

i95Dev GP Connect allows businesses to increase efficiency and productivity by only updating information in one system instead of individually entering the information into each system. Dynamics Connect integrates the Magento store with Microsoft Dynamics GP to instantly update information in all systems at the same time.

Master Production Scheduling by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) allows for scheduling based on single items or item ranges, classes or manufacturing groups. This module also features a summarized view of all finished goods at once and quantities affecting them with drill down to detail.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizons MRP module extends the inventory planning and control tools, reports and inquiries that are provided in the Bill of Material/Production Entry module.

Messenger EDD by Liaison Software CorporationGPBCAC

Batch email and batch fax Invoices, Statements, Quotes, Orders, PO's, EFT Remittances, and Direct Deposit Notices from Dynamics GP/365 or Acumatica ERP!

Multi Product Production (MPP) by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Multi Product Production (MPP) is designed for organizations that routinely build multiple finished goods from multiple components with one manufacturing work order.

Netstock by NetstockAC

Make better inventory decisions with Netstock's intuitive, cloud based, inventory management software.

Quality Essentials Suite by Horizons International, Inc.GP

The Horizons Quality Management System integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and the Horizons Manufacturing Suite to support manufacturers in collecting and measuring their quality control data in real time throughout their manufacturing operations.

RedTail EDI by True Commerce ( formerly RedTail Solutions)GP

RedTail powers transaction processing in the cloud, so everything you need is delivered without buying additional software and hardware or adding staff. RedTail EDI links directly to your ERP system with no manual re-entry of data. Best of all, everything is managed, maintained and supported by RedTail's experienced EDI team.

RedTail GDS by True Commerce ( formerly RedTail Solutions)GP

RedTail's GDS managed service provides an easy to use solution that allows complete item data synchronization with your trading partners through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). RedTail GDS provides you the ability to manage all your GDS transactions as well as generate pertinent reports regarding your item data.

Replenishment Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

A purchase order (PO) planner that suggests replenishment quantities by item by warehouse.

Returns Tracker by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Powerful customer service module that ensures customer issues are followed through from start to finish.

Router by Horizons International, Inc.GP

HMS Router provides costing support for batch, mixed mode and discrete manufacturing allowing the organizing and automating of the production work order into steps.

Sales Configurator by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizon's Configurator is designed to link to the Sales Order, Purchase Order and Inventory modules (for the distribution industry) and Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) (for the make-to-order manufacturers)

Sales Document Splitting by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Sales Document Splitting improves sales order processing efficiency by splitting sales documents such as invoices by criteria driven by your customers. Instead of re-creating multiple invoices for one customer, invoices can be split into many.

Serial & Lot Control by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Serial and Lot control - with the ability to trace components through the parent item.

Serial & Lot Number Processing by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Serial & Lot Number Processing accelerates serial and lot number entry for organizations that receive a list of serial or lot numbers to input into the Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, Returns Management Authorization and Manufacturing modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Shop Floor Control by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Shop Floor Control provides various work center and capacity planning tools.

SPS Analytics by SPS CommerceGPAC

At its core, SPS Analytics removes the complexities of your data collection process so you can dedicate more time to uncovering opportunities. We focus on providing you with a complete overview of your business via industry-leading dashboards and a team of retail consultants to help you grow.

SPS Commerce Cloud Fulfillment (EDI) by SPS CommerceGPAC

With SPS' Cloud EDI solution, integrate once to the industry's largest network of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, third party warehouses and more. Keep costs low with our subscription-based service, while avoiding the complexity of doing EDI in-house. We'll help you exceed the expectations of your current customers, while getting the attention of coveted new partners that are already part of our expansive network.

Supplier Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

Manage your suppliers and optimize your sourcing.

TrueCommerce EDI by HighJump SoftwareGP

The TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group of HighJump Software offers an EDI Platform that is affordable, easy to set up and use, and scales seamlessly as your needs grow.

Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Take full advantage of vendor contract pricing and rebates. By enabling users to streamline contract and rebate management you can ensure full recognition of discounts on POs and efficiently process rebates from suppliers. Automate the selection of optimal vendor pricing.

Withoutwire (WoW) Warehouse Management System (WMS) by WithoutWire Inventory SciencesGP

WithoutWire Warehouse is a full-featured WMS solution from Appolis Mobile Business Solutions that utilizes the latest development technology from Microsoft to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, process the associated transactions, and provide real-time and web-based visibility about the status of goods in the warehouse. Automation of warehouse processes via WithoutWire WMS delivers value and return on investment justification to the client via efficiencies gained in both inventory and labor optimization.

Workflow & Profit Manager by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Spend less time on tedious, repeated tasks and more time getting back to the parts of business that matter. Workflow and Profit Manager module connects to Cavallo’s on-premises and cloud solutions, and is designed to radically expand your gross margin by allowing users to manage order-level pricing and profitability at scale.