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Business Systems Integrators, LLC (BSI)

(866) 871-2097
Headquartered outside Kansas City, MO
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Lawson, MO 64062

Product: BSI EDI Supply Chain Management SuiteGP

Industries: Commercial Services, Construction, Distribution, Document Management, EDI, Electronic Document Delivery, Finance/Insurance, Government/Municipality, Industries, Inventory & Asset Tracking/Distribution, Manufacturing, Non Profit, Other, Petroleum/Oil, Professional Services, Retail, Specialty Construction/Field Service, Transportation, User Productivity, Utilities, Workflow Automation

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The BSI EDI Suite provides an adapter with full integration between Microsoft Dynamics and trading partners (i.e. customers, suppliers, 3rd party warehouse locations).

Pricing/Buying Information

Perpetual or SaaS pricing available; licensed by site (unlimited users/subscribers); (request quote or demo by emailing sales@bsiedi.com or contacting via website www.bsiedi.com )

BSI EDI with Microsoft Dynamics GP

BSI EDI Suite offers best-of-breed integrations with a user-friendly interface allowing for true EDI automation. It provides unlimited users, unlimited trading partners, additional item cross-references, and easy-to-configure subscriber alerts to manage by exception.

BSI EDI enables suppliers to receive electronic purchase orders and integrate them directly into GP–eliminating manual keying and duplicates. Then, orders are invoiced and shipped in GP and translated documents are automatically sent through the BSI EDI adapter to the trading partners.

Helping You Make The Most of Your Dynamics GP Investment …

It’s not just about compliance anymore. A good Supply Chain solution brings you the goods for streamlining your entire supply chain. BSI Supply Chain Management (SCM) lets you stay in compliance, with ANSI, VICS, UCS and more Electronic Data Interchange capabilities, supporting both sell-side and buy-side transactions. Couple that with support for multiple Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and you truly have the option to fit the solution to your business and not the other way around. But BSI SCM takes it one step further, with support for CSV, XML and cXML (Ariba) transactions, coupled with support for AS2 systems, multiple FTP, FTPs sites and more, and you truly have a flexible Supply Chain Solution that you can grow with!

It used to be all about compliance – “What do we have to do as a company to qualify for our customer’s business?” The businessscape is changing and it’s also about integration – “How can we use the investment to also benefit our company?” BSI Supply Chain Management (SCM) does just that. You get all of the compliance functionality, but also the features and functions that let you streamline the order flow — both customer-side and supplier-side.

Transaction Exchange Formats
What is Electronic Data Interchange? It’s a format for exchanging your orders (or other data) in a machine-readable way. EDI is one of many business formats in use nowadays. BSI SCM gives you support for a rich gamut of those formats.

• cXML Format (Ariba) – Exchange Transactions via this Popular Portal
• XML Format – You can exchange orders and other transactions with many sources or destinations — eCommerce sites, vendors, etc.
• CSV Format – Have a supplier that can’t or won’t accept EDI or XML? Send them CSV in an automated fashion. Import order CSV files … the possibilities are endless!
• Traditional EDI – Exchange Transactions in many EDI formats (ANSI, VICS, UCS, EDIFACT, etc)
• Integrates with Most Popular EDI Standards and Versions

Getting the Data There
Transactions are just half of the equation. What about delivery? BSI SCM gives your the flexibility to connect to multiple disparate locations to exchange transactions directly or indirectly in many different procols, and the simplicity to easily connect to a Value Added Network (VAN). Why do you need the flexibility? Some customers or suppliers demand a direct connection (like AS2), whereas others allow you to exchange transactions via a VAN (like SPS Commerce).

•Traditional VAN Service – We have setup wizards for SPS Commerce, as well as other FTP-based VAN services
• Easily setup exchange with an AS2 service (Wal-Mart, Dollar General and others require this).
• FTP and FTPs – You can direct-connect with your customer or supplier if that’s what it takes as well – via standard FTP or secure/encrypted FTP!
• HTTP, HTTPs – You can also send and receive via HTTP push and get, or secure HTTP
• Have a supplier or customer that still wants to exchange via email — you’ve got that option too, with support for POP3/SMTP and SMTPs
• Integrates with Most Popular Value Added Networks

Robust Interface to Your Accounting System
BSI SCM is an automated solution – it’s designed with you in mind – the smaller/medium-sized enterprise that might or might not have a person dedicated to managing supply chain relationships. What does this mean for the users? BSI SCM can be configured to automatically exchange day-to-day transactions: inbound, outbound, etc. and simply “notify” when those processes are completed. Exceptions are the only thing that must be dealt with — items not cross-referenced, unrecognized shipto’s, etc. Take a look below to see some more about how our SCM solution works with your accounting/distribution system.

•Works with Dynamics GP 10, 2010, 2010 R2 and 2013
•Seamlessly Integrate Inbound Transactions as Quotes or Orders without Intervention (PunchOut, 850, 860, 830, etc.)
•Automatically Generate Outbound Transactions (810, 856, …)
•Internal Users Get Notifications when Transactions Come In or go Out
•Integrate Planning Schedules from Customers (830, 862, …)
•Transaction Exceptions are Reported and Easily Corrected
•Generate Supplier-Side Transactions (Outbound PunchOut, forecast, 850, 860, …)
•Generate or Accept Other Non-Standard Transactions (new store info, etc)
•Support for multiple WMS systems

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