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Solutions and Services Recommended by the
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Dynamics GP,
Dynamics 365 BC,
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CAL Solutions

Inventory & Asset Tracking/Distribution

BSI EDI Supply Chain Management Suite by Business Systems Integrators, LLC (BSI)GP

The BSI EDI Suite provides an adapter with full integration between Microsoft Dynamics and trading partners (i.e. customers, suppliers, 3rd party warehouse locations).

Cavallo CRM by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Module designed for sales teams to track and manage leads and opportunities, and optimize the organization of prospecting tasks for each day.

Cavallo EDI by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Cavallo EDI, powered by SPS Commerce, employs a ready-made, easy-to-use integration that seamlessly exchanges data out of and into Cavallo SalesPad for omnichannel retail operations.

Cavallo Pricing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A module that plugs into Cavallo software to allow users to modify and customize product prices.

Cavallo Purchasing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Designed to help distributors pare down their safety stock and make informed, profitability boosting stocking decisions.

Cavallo Shipping by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

An all-in-one shipping feature that supports parcel and LTL shipping methods while uniting all shipment and tracking data under one easy-to-use platform.

Credit Card Processing by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Module that extends users’ selling capabilities to include all their credit card processing needs, including EMV, card-not-present, cash receipt transactions, and more.

Customer Portal by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A B2B sales portal where your customers can order products for themselves.

Demand Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

Demand Planning combines multiple forecasting and planning methods to create best-fit forecasts.

Fusion Shop Floor Data Collection by Fusion SoftwareAC

FusionWMS (Advanced) by Fusion SoftwareAC

FusionWMS Advanced builds on the Core product and is designed for more complex warehouse environments that need functionality usually reserved for independent Warehouse Management Applications.

FusionWMS (Core) by Fusion SoftwareAC

FusionWMS Core delivers essential warehouse management functionality to anyone who manages inventory. Built into the Acumatica framework, FusionWMS has no external database and requires no sync. It simplifies, streamlines, and enhances standard Acumatica functionality and extends it to handheld devices in the warehouse.

HazMat by Blue Moon IndustriesGP

HazMat adds the capability to associate hazardous inventory items with the official Department of Transportation (DOT) CFR Table 172.101.

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) is composed of a series of modules that enable manufacturing scalability where one can begin by using the Bill of Materials and Production Entry and scale up in use as situations demand.

Internal Sales Distribution by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Binary Stream’s Internal Sales Distribution tracks and monitors internal sales distributions for organizations with multiple locations or sites that process intercompany transactions.

Inventory Manager by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

A Windows® Mobile- or iOS®-enabled barcode data collection application, Inventory Manager integrates with Microsoft® Dynamics GP.

Inventory Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

Inventory Planning is a decision support tool for management and purchasing agents that performs inventory simulation, including ABC analysis and performance monitoring.

Item Pricing Matrix by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Item Price Matrix (IPM) is an advanced pricing schedule system for Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing, designed to enhance the current pricing schedule.

m-hance Distribution m-hancements by m-hance LimitedGP

m-hance distribution m-hancements consist of 10 GP add-on modules designed to provide key software functionality to deal with many specialist distribution requirements including those associated with stock, vehicle loading, forward orders and returns.

m-hance Inventory m-hancements by m-hance LimitedGP

m-hance Inventory m-hancements consists of 4 GP add-on modules designed to provide key software functionality to deal with many specialist inventory requirements including unit of measure management, item management, managing reserved stock and inventory replenishment.

nChannel Platform by nChannelGP

nChannel provides a simple, cloud-based platform that helps companies centralize sales operations across any number of eCommerce, Point of Sale, and business systems.

Netstock by NetstockAC

Make better inventory decisions with Netstock's intuitive, cloud based, inventory management software.

OpenWebs B2B by MAM SoftwareGP

Flexible e-commerce system facilitating secure collaborations between warehouse distributors, jobbers, tire wholesalers, tire and auto service stations and their customers. It enables direct connectivity between customer and supplier systems for reduced costs and greater efficiency.

OpenWebs B2C by MAM SoftwareGP

Versatile e-commerce system for tire wholesalers and dealers, opening up 24-hour sales opportunities to build stronger customer relationships and win new business. The easy-to-use web shop allows customers to view real-time inventory and prices, and book appointments online.

PanatrackerGP and Mobile Hardware by Panatrack, Inc.GP

PanatrackerGP operates on mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners running the Android Operating System. Supported hardware from leading manufacturers including Zebra, Datalogic, Custom Americas, Nautiz, and Honeywell can be purchased through Panatrack at competitive pricing. If you decide to purchase hardware through an alternate source, it is important to confirm the model and configuration to confirm compatibility. Last generation device running the Windows Mobile OS may run the legacy version of PanatrackerGP, please consult with your sales person to see if your existing hardware is compatible.

PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset Tracking by Panatrack, Inc.GP

PanatrackerGP adds mobile data capture for Dynamics GP for Fixed Asset Tracking. Transactions supported include Add/Receive New Assets, Update Asset, and Validate Asset.

PanatrackerGP Inventory Solutions by Panatrack, Inc.GP

PanatrackerGP adds mobile data capture for Dynamics GP for inventory management. Transactions supported include Receiving, Transfers, Stock Count, Order Fulfillment, Assembly, Vendor Returns, Project Accounting Transfer, and Container Tracking.

Replenishment Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

A purchase order (PO) planner that suggests replenishment quantities by item by warehouse.

Returns Tracker by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Powerful customer service module that ensures customer issues are followed through from start to finish.

Sales Configurator by Horizons International, Inc.GP

Horizon's Configurator is designed to link to the Sales Order, Purchase Order and Inventory modules (for the distribution industry) and Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) (for the make-to-order manufacturers)

Sales Document Splitting by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Sales Document Splitting improves sales order processing efficiency by splitting sales documents such as invoices by criteria driven by your customers. Instead of re-creating multiple invoices for one customer, invoices can be split into many.

Serial & Lot Number Processing by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

Serial & Lot Number Processing accelerates serial and lot number entry for organizations that receive a list of serial or lot numbers to input into the Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, Returns Management Authorization and Manufacturing modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

ShipGear by V-TechnologiesGPAC

From order to shipment to delivery, ShipGear bridges the information gaps to make you more efficient, reduce errors and improve customer service.

SOP Auto-Fulfillment by Binary Stream SoftwareGP

SOP Auto-Fulfillment allows Microsoft Dynamics GP users who do not use the SOP-to-POP link to automatically fulfill partial sales orders by linking these sales to the relevant purchase orders based on a sales order priority set by the user. This solution also allows client specific reserved inventory for forecast purchasing.

StarShip by V-TechnologiesGPAC

The StarShip platform supports parcel and freight from the same user interface while providing numerous enhancements that improve productivity for the warehouse, front office and management

Supplier Planning by PlanningEdgeGP

Manage your suppliers and optimize your sourcing.

TrueCommerce EDI by HighJump SoftwareGP

The TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group of HighJump Software offers an EDI Platform that is affordable, easy to set up and use, and scales seamlessly as your needs grow.

VAST Enterprise Multi-Store by MAM SoftwareGP

Comprehensive back-office system for multi-location auto service centers and tire dealers. Trusted by thousands of enterprises across the US, it enables central monitoring and management of sales, pricing, inventory and employee performance to enhance productivity and profitability.

VAST Enterprise Retail by MAM SoftwareGP

Advanced point of sale and business-management system for single and multi-location tire and auto service dealers. Developed by industry specialists, the system streamlines and integrates core business processes to improve customer service, productivity and profits.

VAST Enterprise Wholesale by MAM SoftwareGP

Versatile order-entry system for tire wholesale enterprises, providing a customizable user interface for efficient order processing. Shipments and inventory can be monitored and managed in real-time, while integration with VAST OpenWebs facilitates 24-hour online tire sales.

VAST Retread by MAM SoftwareGP

Tried and tested retread plant-management system, widely used across Europe, North America and South America. The software seamlessly integrates your production plant processes with your office and warehouse functions, helping to optimize your processes and improve productivity. It provides real-time information to production control, which is the key to efficient process planning and management.

Withoutwire (WoW) Warehouse Management System (WMS) by WithoutWire Inventory SciencesGP

WithoutWire Warehouse is a full-featured WMS solution from Appolis Mobile Business Solutions that utilizes the latest development technology from Microsoft to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, process the associated transactions, and provide real-time and web-based visibility about the status of goods in the warehouse. Automation of warehouse processes via WithoutWire WMS delivers value and return on investment justification to the client via efficiencies gained in both inventory and labor optimization.

Workflow & Profit Manager by Cavallo (formerly SalesPad)GP

Spend less time on tedious, repeated tasks and more time getting back to the parts of business that matter. Workflow and Profit Manager module connects to Cavallo’s on-premises and cloud solutions, and is designed to radically expand your gross margin by allowing users to manage order-level pricing and profitability at scale.