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Product: FusionWMS (Core)AC

Industries: Distribution, Inventory & Asset Tracking/Distribution, Manufacturing, Point of Sale

Product Website

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FusionWMS Core delivers essential warehouse management functionality to anyone who manages inventory. Built into the Acumatica framework, FusionWMS has no external database and requires no sync. It simplifies, streamlines, and enhances standard Acumatica functionality and extends it to handheld devices in the warehouse.

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Core features include:

  • Light Footprint FusionWMS does not require any local software to be installed other than on the handheld.
  • Real-Time Integration   FusionWMS integrates directly with Acumatica in real time. No duplicate databases or sync processes are required.
  • Barcode Receiving   When receiving Purchase Orders or Transfers, FusionWMS allows item recognition by scanning either the UPC or Item barcode. Default processes include receipt to a staging bin for inspection/processing.
  • Directed Put-Away  Upon receipt, the gun displays the default stock bin for each item, enabling easy, independent put-away.
  • Check Bin Contents By scanning the Bin ID, the operator can see on the gun all contents of the bin, including serial or lot detail.
  • Check Item Locations From the handheld, the operator has complete visibility of where an item is located anywhere in the warehouse.
  • One-Step Transfers   FusionWMS frees the operator to independently execute a one-step transfer entirely from the gun.
  • Enhanced Two-Step Transfers   FusionWMS enhances Acumatica functionality to allow two-step transfers to be executed via the gun identical and side-by-side with conventional SOs/POs.
  • Serial and Lot Traceability   All of the serial and lot traceability available in Acumatica is available on the handheld device.
  • Sales Order Pick FusionWMS mirrors Acumatica’s Sales Order Pick function. Pick lists are printed with barcodes for items and bins.
  • Paperless Pick Pick list detail can be loaded into the gun, eliminating the need to print a paper pick list. Operators may easily move between pick lists.

Pick/Ship Options- FusionWMS has multiple Pick/Ship options:

  1. Manual Pick/Scan to Ship For many environments, multiple scans are too labor-intensive. Simply print the pick ticket, and manually assemble the items. At the shipping station items can be scanned for accuracy and to relieve the quantities from the stock bin.
  2. Scan to Pick/Scan to Ship This is ideal for high-value inventory or complex environments. Scan items while picking and transfer them from their stock bin to a staging ship bin. Scan items again to confirm the shipment and relieve the shipping bin.
  3. One Scan – Pick & Ship  In some instances, firms may only want one scan to both pick and ship. This streamlined operation can be performed from the gun.
  • Physical Count FusionWMS allows you to do quick, accurate physical counts on a handheld across multiple warehouses and bins, including lot and serial tracked items.
  • UPC or Item Barcode FusionWMS recognizes either the UPC or the item barcode for any item.
  • Barcode Printing With FusionWMS, you can print barcode labels for your existing inventory, increasing efficiency.
  • Ship Station FusionWMS – Ship Station can be added to complement any warehouse environment. Its touchscreen, color-coded interface promotes quick and accurate packing of orders.

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