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Solutions and Services Recommended by the
CAL Business Solutions Team to Enhance Your
Dynamics GP,
Dynamics 365 BC,
or Acumatica
CAL Solutions

Project/Cost Accounting

Advanced Smartlist by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Advanced SmartList, a solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), is a seamless extension to SmartList, a Microsoft Dynamics GP query tool and suitable for all users. Named as one of the 12 best add on solutions of 2010 for Dynamics GP by Dynamics World UK, Advanced SmartList allows users to further analyze their SmartList data.

DocuPhase by DocuPhaseGPAC

Driving innovation with information, our platform includes Document Management, Web Forms, Process Design and Automation, Analytics, and Management tools that seamlessly integrate into your existing business applications and programs. As your foundation for transforming and automating your processes, DocuPhase dramatically improves productivity, reduces labor, and ensures security and compliance.

Inventory I/O Control by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Inventory I/O Control is an enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics GP Bill of Materials module. Accounting for secondary items commonly referred to as by-products or co-products is often overlooked for reasons such as inconsistent output quantities, sub-standard grade or quality; or systems lacking the functionality and capability to handle one to many relationships. Inventory I/O Control gives Inventory Managers flexibility to monitor and control inventory levels and flow.

Planning Maestro by Centage CorporationGPAC

Planning Maestro, empowers you to make faster, more informed decisions, so you can react quickly to market changes, take calculated risks, and capitalize on new opportunities.

Project Tracking Budgeting by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Project Tracking Budgeting, a companion solution to Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, allows you to revise and massage project budget figures using multiple variable groupings customized to your business.

Project Tracking Importer by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Project Tracking Importer is an additional module used to bring outside information into Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics. With Project Tracking Importer you can import data from a variety of different sources. Project Tracking Importer is useful for companies that create their projects in an outside sales system or other system.

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This integration leverages existing setup and workflow resulting in an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain connection between company financials and project activities. It also dramatically reduces time spent installing, configuring and learning how to properly oversee, analyze and evaluate your business.

Prophix by Prophix SoftwareGPAC

Prophix is a complete corporate performance management (CPM) solution for Dynamics GP and Acumatica, that automates your critical financial processes, helping to improve profitability while minimizing risk. The innovative system integrates extensive budgeting and planning, reporting and analytics, forecasting, financial consolidation and close, and workflows to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Subscription Billing (formerly Recurring Contract Billing) by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Subscription Billing will help organizations who require repetitive billing for their products and services and convenient billing and payment options to automate and manage cyclical invoicing. Contracts are created in this module and can be sent directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing for billing purposes.

Subscription Billing Importer (formely Recurring Contract Billing Importer) by Encore Business SolutionsGP

Subscription Billing Importer, an additional module for Encore’s Subscription Billing solution, allows users to import existing contract information from an external system.