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m-hance Limited

Trinity House, Bredbury Park Way
Stockport, SK6 2SN UK

Product: m-hance Inventory m-hancementsGP

Industries: Distribution, Inventory & Asset Tracking/Distribution

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m-hance Inventory m-hancements consists of 4 GP add-on modules designed to provide key software functionality to deal with many specialist inventory requirements including unit of measure management, item management, managing reserved stock and inventory replenishment.

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Unit of measure Management

Products come packaged in many shapes and sizes. Buying by the pallet, counting by the case, selling by the carton or even individually, and at the end of the day users need to look at sales performance in one consolidating unit, e.g. tonnage, litres or cases. The m-hance Unit of Measurement module directs the power of Dynamics GP software to provide all these facilities at the click of a button.

 Key features:

    • Main stock unit identification – This provides the facility to set a unit of measure other than the base unit, as the unit in which items will be viewed.
    • Sales consolidation unit identification – This feature provides the facility to bring together sales information into a single meaningful unit that will provide invaluable sales performance information.
    • Split-pack management – the user can mark the item as a split pack item and sell for example, 14/5 cartons, ie 14 cartons and 5 individual items.

Item Manager

Managing an inventory of several thousand items is a time consuming business involving a high risk of error. In today’s fast moving environment, new items and brands are constantly being introduced and replaced. The m-hance Item Manager module is a fast and error proof method for creating whole ranges of items across many sites in minutes.

Key features:

    • Item copy wizard – The wizard allows you to choose one existing item as your template and then copy selected information from this item to generate more item master records
    • Item site assign wizard – This wizard allows the user to carry out mass allocation of items to a selection of sites at one time and just as easily reverse the process by un-assigning obsolete items.

Reserved Stock

There are many reasons why inventory may need to be set aside or earmarked for particular customers or salespeople without necessarily being part of a firm order. This Reserved Stock module from m-hance provides the means of setting up and managing this type of transaction.

 Key features:

    • Sales transactions entry prompts – This feature prompts that there is a reservation available where applicable.
    • Facility to allocate inventory – Reserves can optionally allocate inventory – effectively setting inventory to one side for that reservation.
    • Name reserved stock – Facility to create a named reserve of stock that can be assigned to a ‘ship to’ address, a customer or a salesperson.
    • Assign quantity and expiry details – Each reserve can be given a quantity and expiry date.
    • View via Crystal reports – Reserves can be reported on using Crystal reports to identify, for example, imminent expiry of ‘reserve contract’ or uptake against a reserve over a period of time.
    • Quantity based contract prices – Allows for the pegging of a price to a reserve so that customers using inventory from that reserve will be prompted with the reserve contract price.

Advanced Inventory Replenishment

For wholesalers with large inventory files A.I.R. collates all demand transactions and forecast predictions and applies a set of industry standard demand forecast formulae to generate estimated demand, reorder and order up to levels.

When used in conjunction with GP’s Purchase Order Generator, it enables the buyer to optimize order size based on target volume and value, and provides the buyer with additional enquiries to help arrive at an intelligent buying decision that will balance inventory investment with customer service.

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