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Product: VAST Enterprise WholesaleGP

Industries: Business Analytics, Inventory & Asset Tracking/Distribution, Other, Point of Sale, Reporting, Tools/Database

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Versatile order-entry system for tire wholesale enterprises, providing a customizable user interface for efficient order processing. Shipments and inventory can be monitored and managed in real-time, while integration with VAST OpenWebs facilitates 24-hour online tire sales.

Pricing/Buying Information

Please call 1-800-803-9762 or visit www.mamsoftware.com to contact a software expert.

What is VAST Enterprise Wholesale?

VAST Enterprise Wholesale is an order-entry system specifically designed for tire wholesale dealers. It offers a unique interface that facilitates quick and easy data input in a user-friendly Windows-based platform.

The system integrates with the VAST Openwebs e-commerce system to enable fast, efficient online transactions. The user interface can be customized for each salesperson and the software can be integrated with your customers’ point of sale systems. It can manage multiple price levels and contract pricing, ensuring you apply consistent pricing and discounting to all customers.

Who is it for?

Tire wholesalers.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Simplified order processing.
  • Improved profitability.
  • More efficient inventory management.
  • Enhanced customer service.

What does VAST Enterprise Wholesale offer?

  • Order-entry system
    VAST Enterprise Wholesale is designed to streamline order entry and ensure that staff always have access to the tools and information they need to process orders efficiently. The system is simple to use and enables sales staff to easily navigate between orders, customer history, previous sales and real-time inventory to quickly manage and process orders. The system can accommodate unlimited pricing levels, so you can tailor pricing rules to suit your business, and ensure you always provide an accurate price to every customer.
  • Shipment management
    The shipment manager system within VAST Enterprise Wholesale gives you the tools to ensure that products are shipped in the most efficient way, to reduce costs and increase profitability. It offers the flexibility to manage every type of shipment to customers, whether you’re running a hot-shot or stock order, or consolidating multiple inventory items, helping to make your organization as efficient as possible.
  • Inventory management
    VAST Enterprise Wholesale offers the forecasting and ordering tools you need to increase profitability and warehouse efficiency through advanced inventory management. You will be able to monitor and manage your inventory in real time, with no need to print out reports or run batch processes. A built-in forecasting module creates suggested purchase orders, based on your stocking criteria. Your inventory can be balanced between multiple locations to improve efficiency, while flexible management reports allow real-time visibility and analysis.
  • Order processing
    VAST Enterprise Wholesale connects seamlessly with VAST OpenWebs e-commerce solutions, enabling you to sell parts and tires online. Customers will be able to view your inventory and place orders online, or take advantage of direct point of sale integration to view your inventory from within their POS systems. The system helps you to build stronger relationships with your customers, while providing a seamless 24-hour sales channel for your tires and parts.
  • Financial management
    VAST Enterprise Wholesale accounting capabilities simplify your financial management, maintenance and administration, improving communication between all levels of management and personnel. A consolidated accounts receivable system supports fleet, commercial, wholesale and miscellaneous house accounts. It ensures that everyone in all distribution centers has access to the financial information they need to maximize profitability, implement corporate policy and achieve business goals. Fully integrated ledgers provide seamless and accurate data reporting, from customer invoicing through to profit and loss accounts.

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