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Liaison Software Corporation

Tom Nielsen
(800) 811- 4618 x 301
20321 Lake Forest Drive, Suite D7
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Product: Liaison Messenger EDD PlusGPBCAC

Industries: Distribution, Forms Automation, Industries, Manufacturing, Workflow Automation

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Extend the workflow capabilities of Liaison Messenger EDD with PLUS. Automatically trigger SSRS and Crystal Reports, with fields from printed forms, passed as parameters/arguments. Add QR Codes to any form. Enable 2-Factor Authentication for extra emailed security.

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Extend Liaison Messenger EDD’s with direct integration into:

Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS allows Resellers and IT professionals the ability to extend Liaison Messenger EDD’s workflow capabilities even further by integrating the tools they already know.

Imagine being able to trigger a domino affect of conditionally related reports or forms using SSRS, Crystal Reports, Stored SQL Procedures, PowerShell scripts, web services, etc. simply started by a user printing something. Automate shipping, customs, pick and pack, payroll,  marketing, inventory, financial reporting and more.

Utilize off-hours scheduling that performs nightly, weekly, monthly routines. Capture data from printed sources and automatically pass arguments to custom SSRS or Crystal Reports.  Blast out secured emails with 2-Factor Authentication that contain our new unique “Scan or Click” QR Codes to retrieve documents from a portal or login to a website. 

In the showcased example below; Liaison Messenger EDD was used to automate the Microsoft Dynamics GP SOP Invoice routine with a Script you created.

The user prints the batch of invoices to our virtual printer. Liaison Messenger identifies the customer key, bill-to, ship-to, invoice number, ship method, items keys of each document; and passes these values, as arguments, to the linked applications.

In this case, if an item key(s) require a Certificate of Analysis, Liaison Messenger calls your Crystal Report, with arguments (or parameters) you decided, the CoA is printed, attached to the respective invoice(s)  and immediately emailed to the Customer.

Then, if the “Ship Method” of the respective invoices requires a Bill-of-Lading, one will be printed

Finally, due to the nature of this company; packing slips templates in various languages were written using the SSRS Report Builder.  The criteria of when to execute these extra forms was created using Liaison Messenger EDD’s filter editor.

Therefore, if Liaison Messenger EDD determined the invoice’s value of the (ShipMethod .and. Ship-To) equaled (YourCriteria) the respective packing slips, in the desired language, it would print any other shipping documents (if any) immediately on the HPLaserJet 4050 in the shipping department of the designated warehouse.

All these Tasks executed like a chain reaction of dominoes. An entire timely, laborious process reduced into a single action. One individual, simply printed invoices the way they always did. But now, Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS gave you the ability to automate the rest of the workflow without any additional user intervention.

You create the criteria and the rules based on your company’s needs and create them in a Liaison Messenger EDD script. 

Putting the PLUS edition of Liaison Messenger EDD into the hands of IT professionals, VARS, or problem-solvers is like laying a paintbrush into the hands of artists.

More Information Coming Soon


More Information Coming Soon





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