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Liaison Software Corporation Company Details

Liaison Software Corporation products: Messenger EDD

Liaison Software Corporation

Tom Nielsen
(800) 811-4618 x 201
601 Parkcenter Dr., Suite 201
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Product: Messenger EDDGP

Industries: Distribution, Forms Automation, Manufacturing

Product Website

Visit Messenger EDD website


Liaison Messenger EDD automates the distribution of business forms and reports from Microsoft Dynamics GP using your existing SSRS, Crystal reports or GP report writer reports. Set up unique rules for each report allowing automatic distribution to customers, vendors, salespeople, management, warehouses, etc. - all triggered based on the data you are processing.

Pricing/Buying Information

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Liaison Messenger EDD seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and easily automates the distribution of business forms and reports. Invisible to the end user, Messenger EDD streamlines the transmission of Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Statements, and shipping documents based on predetermined rules and unique recipient preferences that are triggered based on the data processed in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Messenger’s intelligent data recognition allows for documents to be transmitted to unique customer and vendor preferences. In addition, Messenger EDD offers the ability to distribute these documents to salespeople, management, multiple locations, multiple printers, and even attach additional documents (static or variable) – all based on unique rules set up at the Messenger server and triggered off of the Accpac data processed.


More Information Coming Soon

More Information Coming Soon

"This basically changed the lives of everybody that is at one of our customers. It goes above and beyond the ability to just email an invoice. You can actually create multiple versions of the invoice and send a copy of an email to the salesperson, send a copy without the pricing as the shipping document, send a copy to a file and it will automatically link that file into a big file. One of our customers wanted a version in different languages, which we did with some additional setup. It can create the invoices as faxes, emails, PDFs, all kinds of different ways to do it and it works really, really well. Another nice thing about it is that once we got our customer installed, their internal people were able to learn really quickly how to create their own separate versions, so it's really a self-sufficient product. We didn't have to be the one creating each version of the invoice. I love the product. I think it works really well. For anybody with complicated invoices, it's a lot easier to work in the Messenger product than it is to even use the new Microsoft GP emailing process. There's just a lot more functionality built in." Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions

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