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Product: ChangerGP

Industries: All/Horizontal

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Change or combine record IDs such as GL Accounts, Vendor and Customer IDs and much more.

Pricing/Buying Information

Pricing is based per Product. Please Contact CAL for Pricing Information.

CRG Changer allows you to change, merge and combine your codes and data, ensuring your business management system operates at optimum efficiency. Changer efficiently enables the modification and consolidation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Small Business Financials data.

Changer easily changes and merges general ledger accounts, vendor IDs, item numbers and customer numbers. Payroll Employee IDs as well as project numbers and contract numbers in Project Accounting module can be changed to new codes using Changer. All the changes made by Changer affect all current and historical transactions. All data is modified, leaving no visible trace of the original code. Drill downs, balances and reports will treat the modified information as if it had been posted to the new accounts or codes from the beginning.

Dynamic Functionality

The following different modules of Changer allow for easy and straightforward changes to Microsoft Dynamics GP data:

  • Changer GL – Change or merge General Ledger Accounts
  • Changer RM – Change or merge Customer Numbers
  • Changer PM – Change or merge Vendor IDs
  • Changer IV – Change or merge Item Numbers
  • Changer PR – Change Payroll Employee IDs to new codes
  • Changer PA – Change Project Numbers and Contract Numbers in Project Accounting module to new codes




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"I've been on a lot of projects where this has been used. This works really well if you have anybody who's changing vendor or customer or item numbers." Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions

"This product is a simple, yet, valuable tool that allows clients to modify Vendors IDs, Customer IDs, or the COA. Normally when any of these are created in GP, the client is unable to change the setup. The tool makes modifying this type of master setup info possible and with ease. By exporting the current setup to excel and creating a From and To column, CRG software then seamlessly updates the master information to the new format." Matt Zurosky, CAL Business Solutions

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