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Product: Fidesic AR ProcessingGP

Industries: All/Horizontal

Product Website

Visit Fidesic AR Processing website


Fidesic integrates seamlessly with Dynamics GP to automate the receiving process and improve access to your working capital by streamlining the AR cycle electronically. Fidesic enables you to send electronic notifications to your customer and gives your customer access to a powerful customer account center where they can review invoices, and schedule payments.

Pricing/Buying Information

Pricing is based on SaaS and calculated per transaction. Please Contact CAL for Pricing Information.

Send Electronic or Paper Invoices

Invoices can be sent directly from your accounting package to your customers via email, U.S. Mail, or fax. Email invoices contain summary information about the invoice along with a PDF attachment of the actual invoice generated by your accounting software. The recipient can view and print this out for his/her records if desired. Free your staff from printing, stuffing, and mailing paper invoices — it’s all done by Fidesic.

Send Individual Invoices or Batches

Send individual invoices or combine invoices into a batch for sending together in one process. Different types of invoices (electronic, fax, U.S. Mail) can be
sent as part of a single batch. There is no need for a separate process for each invoice type.

Receive Electronic Payments

Make it easy for your customers to pay you using Fidesic. Domestic customers can make payments on your invoices via electronic check (ACH) or credit card. International customers in 19 countries can make payments in their local currency, which is deposited into your bank account in U.S. Dollars.

Maintain an Electronic Archive

Keep an electronic record of all invoice-related data. An electronic copy of each invoice and its associated data, including any communication about the
invoice between you and your customer, is maintained online and accessible at all times.

Remind Customers and Resend Invoices

Eliminate reminder calls and locating, copying, and resending invoices to customers who have misplaced them. Use Fidesic’s electronic reminders to send
emails that let your customers know they haven’t made a payment. Or for a continually late-paying customer, set up automatic reminders to automatically
send a reminder email a designated number of days past the due date of every invoice. Also, any lost invoices can be resent electronically in moments.

Forecast Outstanding Payments

The Fidesic solution automatically notifies you any time your customer schedules an electronic payment. This allows you to forecast the dates you will
receive funds into your account. The Fidesic website gives you quick insight into the aging of your Accounts Receivables by providing interactive charts
showing the value of outstanding invoices under 30 days old, 30 to 60 days old, and 60 days and older.

Communicate Electronically

Fidesic provides interactive dispute management when questions arise about invoices or line items. You can easily discuss invoices electronically with
other parties in a transaction to resolve disputes before a payment becomes delinquent. Your employees also can discuss transactions internally knowing
they are kept confidential and private from the other party in a transaction. A complete history of both inter- and intra-company communications is maintained on the Fidesic website.





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