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PaperSave Company Details

PaperSave products: PaperSave


Tom Hey
(877) 727-3799
3150 SW 38th Avenue,
11th Floor
Miami, FL 33146

Product: PaperSaveGP

Industries: All/Horizontal, Document Management

Product Website

Visit PaperSave website


PaperSave is a complete document management software, which offers out of the box seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The PaperSave approach allows you to open up any source record or transaction and have one click access to supporting documents.

Pricing/Buying Information

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As a complete document management, workflow and transaction automation solution, PaperSave captures information to maximize user productivity, increase processing speed, and lower costs. Users benefit from quick retrieval of information reducing the number of vendor inquiries, late payments and time spent looking for information that are either lost or misplaced. PaperSave’s unique integration provides one click access to documents related to records within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

PaperSave combines document capture and transaction processing to eliminate multiple steps from your process saving time and money!

Key Benefits include:

  • Eliminate Keystrokes
  • Faster Monthly Closes
  • Improved Vendor and Customer Relationships
  • Reduce time filing and retrieving documents
  • No more lost or misfiled documents
  • Increased security
  • Automated record retention rules
  • Reclaim office space
  • Enhanced disaster recovery
  • Quick ROI and many more!

More Information Coming Soon

"Paper Save works really, really well. It allows the customer to include documentation backup for AP and AR transactions. My favorite feature is the search. For example, you can search for ‘all the invoices for a vendor’, click a button and you'll have all the scanned, emailed or backup items that could have mark ups. PaperSave allows companies to build a customized Electronic Workflow with approvals. For example: A company may want to scan the backup to an AP transaction but have the transaction not entered into GP until someone reviews and decides on the correct distributions for the expenses. By starting the process earlier inside of the PaperSave system vs. passing the only paper copy of the invoice from desk to desk, the chances of an invoice being misplaced are eliminated. Users are also able to add comments as the document flows through the system. The PaperSave document can be “stamped” by users electronically to show approval or status. These markups can be hidden if the document needs to be reprinted in the future. So if you are getting audited this basically replaces hiring a temporary person to do the filing that has to be done as part of an audit. It will also save space because you can get rid of a lot you have the backup electronically. The backup is also a lot safer because it is electronic and can be backed up as opposed to paper which is the one and only copy you have, which can get lost and stuck on someone's desk. Great tool and I recommend it.". Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions

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