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Rockton Software

(877) 476-2586
PO Box 1111
Erie, CO 80516

Product: SmartFillGP

Industries: All/Horizontal, User Productivity

Product Website

Visit SmartFill website


The google-style data entry search tool.

Pricing/Buying Information

$210.00 per System User. System Users refers to the number of users registered within Microsoft Dynamics GP System Manager, not the number of users who will use the product. Annual Maintenance Agreement is 20% of current product price, and is required for the first year at time of initial purchase. Please Contact CAL for International Pricing Information.

Many users of Dynamics GP often use non-intuitive numbering schemes for Customers, Items, Accounts, and other IDs. SmartFill allows you to type part of the Name, Description, or WHATEVER you know into any ID field, and then intuitively discovers the correct ID and types it in for you. No lookup required!

Find accounts by typing in part of their description or just a partial segment. Find Employees by typing in their first or last name, or even their address! Find customers by phone, address, name, or even information stored in outside databases!

Ever wish you could do a google-style search to find your key data in Dynamics GP? Tired of “looking up” a Customer when you know their name and not their ID? SmartFill makes data entry easy!



"This is one of my favorite tools and I think every customer should have this. I think it's one of those products that you immediately get a return on investment. It's not very expensive and once you install it, you're users are going to be able to do something you haven't been able to do before, which is enter partial names, partial phone numbers, partial I.D.s and have the system find the item and fill it in to either the customer I.D., the inventory number, the vendor I.D., the GL account number. You can create your own and we have done that for customers that are using things like the multi-dimensional analysis. Rockton actually helped us for free create a Smartfill for that. It is easy to use, it's really, really, really easy to create your own views. For example for one customer we created a view that shows their on hand and their allocated so they can figure out the availability for any inventory item, and they see that as they're entering their orders. Super, super easy to install. We usually install it on a server and then show their IT person they can install it on each workstation. It takes about two minutes, and the different views are set up in a matter of minutes as well. A lovely product, easy, easy, easy to use. I think we should sell it with every single order we do. It's the easiest product in the whole world to sell and the easiest product to install and to maintain." Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions

“This tool makes inquiries into GP much more user friendly. The latest versions are customizable. GP users can look up information much faster using Smartfill.” John DiLeo, CAL Business Solutions

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