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Alicia Bement
(888) 319-3663 x 721
2632 47th St S.
Ste 111, Fargo, ND 58104

Product: SmartConnectGP

Industries: All/Horizontal, Tools/Database

Product Website

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SmartConnect provides a very simple drag and drop interface to make all software integrations and process automation easy. Create any type of record in Microsoft Dynamics GP or CRM from any source of data without a single line of code.

Pricing/Buying Information

Pricing based per Module and Bundle Pricing Available. Please Contact CAL for Pricing Information.

Integration and automation are essential components to every successful ERP implementation. SmartConnect makes integration and automation simple. SmartConnect has a focus on the needs of companies that rely on Microsoft Dynamics GP as their ERP system. In supporting these core customers SmartConnect has grown to contain connectors that create records within Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com and Direct SQL updates to any other application.

SmartConnect provides a drag and drop user interface for configuring the creation of records within any of its destination applications from any data source. SmartConnect is powered by both eConnect, Microsoft CRM web services and the Sales Force API and has transformed the integration process from being a developer experience into an easy to use end user toolset. There are complex and expensive tools on the market that do a fraction of what SmartConnect can achieve.

Key features that make SmartConnect easy to work with:

  • Transformation: Data is never provided to you in a nice prepared format. The on the fly transformation saves you from having to spend time formatting data before every integration
  • Scheduler: The timing of each integration will be different. Some you want to run manually when you are ready. Others of you will want to trigger from code in another application and others must run every 3 minutes.
  • DataSource: Pull data from anywhere. Perform calculations on that data, do lookups to another database to return values, restrict and exclude certain data records and calculate the next record number.
  • Import/Export: SmartConnect can both import and export data to a variety of destinations. Once up, the maps are set and forget and you will receive an automatic email if for some reason a record does not integrate as planned.
  • Webservice: Call the SmartConnect webservice from any application. That might be Excel or your own inhouse or custom software

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