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Alicia Bement
(888) 319-3663 x 721
2632 47th St S.
Ste 111, Fargo, ND 58104

Product: Node BuilderGP

Industries: All/Horizontal, Tools/Database

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Node Builder is the only way to build custom eConnect nodes – without writing code. It provides a simple user interface that allows consultants, instead of developers, to build nodes or generic stored procedures. Coupled with SmartConnect, Node Builder gives you endless integration possibilities.

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Pricing based per Module/Bundle. Please Contact CAL for Pricing Information.

Node Builder is the only way to build custom eConnect Nodes – without writing a single line of code. Node Builder builds on the concepts behind eOne’s eXtender and SmartConnect and takes a developer-only activity and puts it in the hands of consultants and power users.

eConnect from Microsoft is an amazingly powerful tool which is helping to revolutionize Microsoft Dynamics GP. eConnect does have some gaps in its breadth across all Microsoft Dynamics GP modules and functions. Node Builder fills those gaps.

Node Builder provides a simple user interface that lets users build their own eConnect node or generic Stored Procedure. A ‘node’ is really just an eConnect specific stored Procedure so you could consider Node Builder as a ‘user interface’ to build complex stored procedures without writing code. The steps to build a node from scratch a very Simple”

1. Select the tables that will be populated by this node

2. Choose the fields within those tables that can be populated by this node

3. Define your own validation rules within Logic. (for example: only import an address record if there is a valid customer ID already in the system)

4. Create your own error messages to be returned when your logic has not been met.

5. Publish your Node. This means that your new node is immediately available to be used within SmartConnect and mapped to, just like any standard node.

Node Builder is a slightly deceptive name for this software tool as the node/stored procedure you build need not be related to Dynamics GP. You can build a stored procedure that updates third party tables, or tables in an entirely different database. This means that you can now use the structure and power of eConnect/SmartConnect to update any data anywhere – and yet maintain all the data validation rules that make eConnect so powerful.


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