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Product: Fidesic AP ProcessingGP

Industries: All/Horizontal

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Fidesic ePayables allows mid-size companies to take the entire accounts payable process paperless, save time by automatically capturing invoice data, electronically routing invoices for approval, importing invoices into GP with ZERO data entry, and by giving your vendors an easy secure way to receive ACH payments.

Pricing/Buying Information

Pricing is based on SaaS and calculated per transaction. Please Contact CAL for Pricing Information.

Using Fidesic AP Processing you can capture invoice data in various ways and at different stages in your process to best fit the structure of your business.

  • Automatically read invoice data from  scanned invoices or invoices delivered by your suppliers/vendors.
  • Capture invoice data from your employees  located anywhere
  • Capture invoice data directly from you vendors

Fidesic AP processing accommodates the collection of invoice data as it enters your organization at any level or geographic location. Wherever invoice data is collected, it is never entered more than once across your entire organization. Plus, you can scan and attach support documents to the invoice data for on-line storage and instant retrieval for review anywhere.

Invoices can be scanned and uploaded locally, or faxed to Fidesic. Fidesic’s optical character recognition (OCR) dramatically reduces time spent today keying invoice data.

Fidesic ePayables also includes a convenient “Web Invoice” for users to enter information anywhere, including remote locations. Employees can enter invoice data directly when an invoice arrives at any of your locations. Your authorized vendors also can enter invoices into the system using the “Web
Invoice.” Fidesic ePayables ensures that all invoice details, payment terms, line-item details, and PO/invoice numbers as applicable are entered into
your AP system.

Invoice Approval :

When an invoice arrives in Fidesic, your defined Approval Workflow Rules are applied and the invoice is assigned to the appropriate approval workflow. The first individual on the chain of approvals receives email notification that an invoice requires approval. He simply clicks the link and logs into his system to review the invoice details and approve the invoice. If additional approvals are required, this process is repeated until the invoice is fully approved based on your approval workflow rules.

Throughout the entire process, an audit trail is automatically compiled for each invoice — complete with dates, times, and comments to protect the accounting integrity of the approval process.

Invoice Payment features:

  • Paper checks or electronic payments.
  • Robust business policy support for  payment authorization.
  • Authorization from nearly any location supported by a web browser.
  • Notification to payees of payments via  email and customized Website.Management of cash flow with  “Just-in-Time” payments.

Authorizing and signing checks is a time-consuming process that too often falls to upper-level managers who are already short on time. Fidesic ePayables allows your signers to simply click a button to sign and authorize as few or as many payments as they want — all from any PC with a web browser and an internet connection (hotel, airport, home). A secure user login guarantees that only authorized signers can send payments.

Eliminate payee confusion and employee phone time researching payments. Fidesic ePayables notifies your payees via email anytime you schedule payments. Payment information is also available on a customized account information web page showing payment history and remittance information. When payments are sent electronically, payees don’t even need to hassle with depositing checks.





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