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Doug Hum
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Product: Company CombinerGP

Industries: All/Horizontal

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Combine multiple company databases into a single one.

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Many organizations setup multiple companies within Microsoft Dynamics GP for various reasons. Over time, business requirements change and there is a
need to consolidate the companies into a single company to make accounting activities more efficient. Prior to the introduction of Company Combiner,
organizations had to re-implement Microsoft Dynamics GP, use expensive outsourced services or continue with all of the extra companies.

With the introduction of Company Combiner, there is a repeatable and affordable alternative.

Combine the Number of Companies within Microsoft Dynamics GP

Company Combiner gives organizations the ability to change their Microsoft Dynamics GP setup. With Company Combiner, multiple companies with the
same chart of accounts can be combined into a single company. During our process, an additional segment can be added to identify the originating company making reporting and analytics easier.

After using CRG Company Combiner, organizations are able to easily manage all the companies that they setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP from a single

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"This product is a simple, yet, valuable tool that allows clients to modify Vendors IDs, Customer IDs, or the COA. Normally when any of these are created in GP, the client is unable to change the setup. The tool makes modifying this type of master setup info possible and with ease. By exporting the current setup to excel and creating a From and To column, CRG software then seamlessly updates the master information to the new format." Matt Zurosky, CAL Business Solutions

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