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Ariett Business Solutions

33 Riverside Dr., Suite 100
Pembroke, MA 02359

Product: ReqNetGP

Industries: All/Horizontal, Expense Management, Workflow Automation

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The leading web-based solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, allows you to quickly streamline and automate purchase requests with flexible multi-tiered approval routes, and routing and approval by budget status.

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Leverage real-time integration with your suppliers’ online catalogs, to speed order processing, improve compliance, and lower costs

Ariett’s ReqNet web-based solution allows you to quickly streamline and automate purchase requests with flexible multi-tiered approval routes, and routing and approval by budget status.  Send an RFQ and update either inventory costs or catalog items, create a PO, process shipment receipts and shipment invoices, view payments, and continue to view PO changes with a real-time integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The audit trail is captured through receiving and invoicing to satisfy all your compliance requirements.

Developed for Microsoft Dynamics GP

ReqNet is designed for Microsoft Dynamics GP and offers the only bi-directional real time integration with the Purchase Order module – users continue to view updates as purchase orders are changed. Ariett customers depend on the detailed integration points with multicurrency, tax tables, 1099’s, budgets and commitments, payment status, vendor master file, inventory, sites, general ledger accounts, customer ID, and projects. Ariett’s product focus on Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers more value and benefits at an affordable price point.

With ReqNet’s easy to use 100% browser interface and support for active directory security; employees can submit, review, edit and approve requisitions anytime, from anywhere, and with Mobile Connector review and approve from a web-enabled phone or Blackberry. Decentralized offices gain both ease of use and control, and, upon approval buyers can create PO’s without access to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Flexible Routing Rules and Visibility Policies

ReqNet offers flexible and streamlined routing setup with ability to make global changes. Users can be assigned to groups and groups to routing rules providing easy setup and maintenance of the system. Routing hierarchies for very large organizations can be easily accomplished with Ariett’s unique ability to have multiple rules, and multiple routes within a rule. Visibility policies can be set which allow designated users or groups “view only” visibility to formation even if they are not part of an approval route. Designated users can view detailed activity across Dynamics GP companies from a single login. User’s visibility to default or select GL accounts can be set by segment and/or a range of GL accounts.

With more than a 165,000 users, companies who use ReqNet report how it helps manage and reduce costs:

• Significantly reduces the administrative cost of processing a purchase request up to $25 per purchase request

• Employee self-services provides the ability to buy better through managing contract items and online supplier purchasing such as office supplies, computer supplies or industry specific vendor websites

• Allows your purchasing team to reduce costs by spending more time purchasing higher ticket items instead of focused on time consuming administrative tasks of rekeying data or having to touch every purchase line item request to assign a vendor or code the GL accounts

• Reduce paper by up to 80%, through electronic attachments and document management in both Ariett and Dynamics GP

• Empowers your busy employees and managers with web-based productivity tools to easily enter, review and approve purchase requests, access budget information and contracts, gaining operational efficiency and organizational control over the timing of purchases

• Provides a tool to review the timing of a capital or high priced items to be purchased, resulting in improved cash flow management

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“When I was a GP client we used ReqNet, Xpense and MyTripNet from Ariett Business Solutions. Working with Ariett was a great experience. Their project manager spent the time to take us through the setup and training. They laid out a plan and everything went according to that plan – it made a complex project go very smoothly. It is the best experience I have had with a vendor.” Russ Nugent, CAL Business Solutions.

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