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GPC Systems, Inc.

Alina Filipczak
(720) 408-5976
9200 Hidden Creek Drive
Great Falls, VA 22066

Product: Easy e-Bank RecGP

Industries: Advanced Bank Reconciliation, All/Horizontal

Product Website

Visit Easy e-Bank Rec website


Easy e-Bank Rec is a bank reconciliation product used in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Bank reconciliations take just minutes to process, regardless of transaction volume. Automatically book transactions in GP with the bank statement import. Do away with manual matching. Automatically mark reconciled items. Reconcile the GL to the bank balance

Pricing/Buying Information

Licensed per Site Name. For each Site Name there is unlimited users, companies and checkbooks. Please Contact CAL for Pricing Information

Easy e-Bank Rec is beneficial if you’re looking for a bank rec product that works inside of Dynamics GP, provides automation, and saves time regardless of transaction volume. Our product navigates through a series of steps from importing the bank statement to reconciling to the GL. Easy e-Bank Rec made easy!

  • Easy e-Bank Rec provides a pathway to get an electronic bank statement into Dynamics GP. Typically, one-thousand transactions take only 2 to 3 seconds to import.
  • Download bank statements and match transactions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, to stay on top of transaction activity and make month-end a more efficient, accurate, and less stressful process.
  • Save time with automation that matches records by document number or by amount therefore eliminating manual matching of individual transactions.
  • The main Easy e-Bank screen is a visual representation of all accounting and bank statement transactions, on one screen, to quickly and easily view matched and unmatched items.
  • Automatically booking transactions, like interest, ZBA’s and fees, saves time. A one-time setup, with unique descriptions, adds consistency and clarity to your transaction records.
  • Easy e-Bank Rec offers One-click features to match common outstanding transactions. With the One-click features, set aside unknown or unmatched transactions, such as wire transfers or variances; adjust any bank rec transaction up to a maximum allowable amount; or move partial or completed amounts from one document number to another.
  • Replace the mundane task of the one-by-one clicking of matched transactions as reconciled in Dynamics GP. With the click of one Easy e-Bank Rec button, all matched transactions, will instantly be marked as reconciled inside Dynamics GP.
  • Easy e-Bank Rec’s Reconciliation Summary screen displays the comparison of the bank statement and Dynamics GP transactions for specified dates. If variances exist, the screen will display where and why they are happening, and then provide the ability to resolve them quickly and efficiently.
  • Reconcile AMEX statements using Easy e-Bank Rec. Natively import the AMEX file and use the automated transactions to automatically book transactions in Dynamics GP. Includes special handling for transactions involving Dynamics GP Payables.
  • Multi-credit card and multi-location wire reconciliation.

If your company has complex reconciliations or processes, contact us for exploring other ways to use Easy e-Bank Rec.






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