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GPC Systems, Inc.

Alina Filipczak
(720) 408-5976
9200 Hidden Creek Drive
Great Falls, VA 22066


Company Overview

Since 1987, GPC Systems, Inc., has been helping companies to plan and implement their financial system needs through custom product development and maintenance of their Microsoft Dynamics® GP, a mid-market business accounting software. In 2011, GPC Systems, Inc., sold its core part of the business, the Microsoft Dynamics VAR Partnership, to its employees. Today, GPC Systems, Inc., is a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner who believes in creating products for customers that add velocity to their accounting software.

Company Detail

Easy e-Bank Rec came into the Microsoft Dynamics® GP world back in 1995.  GPC Systems, Inc., a Microsoft GP VAR Partner at the time, had a customer struggling with managing a single bank account with multiple signatories around the world, resulting in checks that were issued and cashed before any transactions showed in their Dynamics GP.  As their struggles were heard, the customization began.

A visual representation was created to show what was in accounting and what was processed by the bank. Flexibility was important to be able to match by document #, amounts and use of the description. Routines were created to identify and display variances. This custom bank reconciliation product became what it is known as today—Easy e-Bank Rec.

As more customers embraced the visibility that Easy e-Bank Rec provided into their transactions waiting to be reconciled, new features emerged which included more automated bank transaction matching and micro-reconciliations at the credit card level.

Listening to users in the Dynamics GP community, combined with 30 years of helping organizations plan their financial systems, led to a product that customers trust and enhance with their ongoing collaboration.  Designed with actions to implement in stages, Easy e-Bank Rec allowed finance teams to trust each step in the implementation process before moving forward.

Steps around importing the bank file, matching deposit amounts, matching checkbook amounts and creating rules or definition around automated bank transactions, eventually came together in one automated step.

And when finance is happy with those results, it can be taken even further, with more automation to run it all in the middle of the night while you sleep.

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